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As you grow into a career, big life moves and all the things that come with adulthood, learning new things might take a backseat. ‘Adulting’ is hard enough as it is. But have you ever stopped to consider how a few new skills could change the course of your life? No matter what industry you’re working in, technical skills are almost always part of the equation. What if a few new skills could make you more desirable for employers looking to hire for high-paying, high-growth jobs? Read up on just a few things that come with learning new skills in WordPress, the most popular content management system on the internet.

Technical competence

As you look for job opportunities, you’ll see a commonality between job descriptions. ‘Technical or web experiences highly preferred.’ More and more position descriptions, across all industries and positions, look for candidates with technical competence and know how. Being the most widely used CRM on the internet, skills in WordPress help set you apart from other candidates. Not only will it help you stand out, it will help you be more successful in a new position, and for a lot of people, open doors for higher growth and higher starting salaries. Designed to be usable for people with many levels of technical skills, a working understanding of WordPress can be the difference between landing the job and continuing the search.

Learning and Growth Mindset

To be successful in most jobs, you need to realize that learning and growth are a central part of any job description. Going in with a growth mentality will serve you and your career. These traits are also central to pushing yourself to learn more with WordPress. Once you open the door to learning something outside of your central skill base, you’ll discover how much more there is to learn and what that knowledge can do for you. Even the savviest developers or coders know that there is no limit to the things there are to learn about technology. That drive and dedication to continued learning will make you a stand out candidate for any job position. Employers want people who are hungry to learn and improve, not only for themselves but for the organization they work for. Taking on a new skill set shows employers you are willing to learn and won’t just rest on the skills you already have.

Focus and self-motivation

Any time you learn something new, you’re going to face challenges. To push through you have to maintain self-motivation. The only person who can help you grow your personal skills is you. This self-motivation learned and developed through trying something new is a central trait for being successful in WordPress. If you go into a coding bootcamp or take skills courses, there will, of course, be instructors and staff helping you stay motivated, but ultimately this drive is up to you and will determine your success. Employers want these traits in every employee. Having experience in a coding bootcamp shows employers how willing you are to motivate yourself and better your skillset.

Marketing and User-experience Focus

Even if you’re not going into a marketing or development role, understanding these principles are important for every type of job. No matter what you do or where you go, the organization or business needs to put their best foot forward. Understanding marketing principles make you a valuable asset for every employer. Experience with WordPress also gives you the ability to make smart decisions when looking at the user experience of interacting with your brand. You want audiences, or whoever is interacting with the company you work with to have a favorable impression of the brand. This has to be carefully curated by looking at the way audiences find you and what they want to know about you. WordPress helps you open the door to these ideas, making you an invaluable addition to any company.

Get Started

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and show potential employers you’re dedicated to bettering yourself, learn about WordPress courses. Even a baseline understanding of WordPress will make you more desirable to employers. When you’re ready to take the next step, reach out and let us know what your goals and career aspirations are. We’ll work with you to determine the best course or courses for you to meet those goals.