Transitioning military veterans are a great fit for coding and cybersecurity.

Deciding upon the right career path may be one of the most difficult parts of your transition. Due to the growing demand of coding and cyber security skills and job opportunities available in the technology field, a viable and successful path for many veterans has been to choose an immersive bootcamp to transition into a career in tech. Our coding and cyber security bootcamps allow veterans to quickly learn today’s most relevant tech skills. Contact an admissions advisor today to find out what your options are. 


Three Reasons Veterans Become Coders

  • Bootcamp Style of Learning

    When you enlisted in the military, you were thrown into basic training. You entered an intense style of training like you never experienced before. It was difficult, but it was the perfect training regime to help you become a successful soldier. In much the same way, our coding bootcamps prepare you to become a successful coder. It’s all about laying the foundation and building your skills in an intense immersive, yet extremely rewarding, experience.

  • Using Teamwork Skills

    In military bootcamp, one of the biggest lessons learned is the importance of teamwork. Because veterans enter coding bootcamp already knowing and experiencing this, they are actually ahead of the game. Not only do veterans see the value in teamwork, but they also understand how to lead teams. Large sections of our coding courses involve working within a team of developers to solve problems.

  • Being a Self-Starter

    In your military training, you were taught to be an efficient self-starter. It takes a certain kind of mental toughness and grit to become a soldier – and the same goes for students who attend our coding bootcamps. Self-starters understand that to advance, grow, and be better, they have to take action and take their training into their own hands. Veterans understand this idea and that’s why they make such great coders.

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