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Quinn Holloway-Jackson

Quinn Holloway-Jackson

Staff Instructor


Why do you enjoy being an instructor at Eleven Fifty?
It is really amazing to watch a student come from almost no IT background and develop into an IT professional within just a few months. It changes their lives for the better, and it’s really gratifying to see their hard work pay off.

Tell us about your background in Tech.
I had no IT background before I came to EFA as a student in the first ever Cybersecurity bootcamp. I worked in the animal industry, at vet hospitals and the like. Tech has always been in my family, however, so it did not come as a surprise to many that I took to the subject matter so quickly.

When did you know you were interested in Tech?
I’d been interested in tech throughout my entire life, it just hadn’t taken “center stage” so to speak. As the world continued to change over the last few years and we continued to see cyber attacks besting huge corporations and putting the data of millions at risk, I began to realize I wanted to have an instrumental role in combating those threats.

A fun fact about Quinn!
I once did a sleep study for NASA that involved an 8-day inpatient stay. It was pretty trippy.