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Nick Birch

Nick Birch

VP of Learning


Describe your role.
My focus is two-fold: I help everyone in the organization understand clearly who it is we serve and how we serve them across our different offerings. I also help us figure out what new ideas we should be building and how we should build them so that the we can further expand our impact and improve the lives of our learners.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I love seeing the impact Eleven Fifty Academy has on individual’s lives. Even more, I love figuring out how to scale that impact, which takes everyone being on the same page and continuously improving how we create impact.

Why do you love the Tech industry?
I’m a total nerd and I love seeing what technology can do to actual improve people’s lives and its reach is ever expanding into every industry and aspect of our lives. It’s also becoming, I believe, a more inclusive community that can be a shining example for our greater society.

A little more about Nick…
I’m an entrepreneur at heart. Besides having co-founded 1150 Academy, I’ve worked spent the majority of my career working on startups, several of them education-focused. I coach high school baseball at North Central in Indianapolis. I also like to bike, run, and generally be doing something outdoors. I’ve completed a couple of half marathons and am working towards stretching to marathon distance and hopefully even beyond.

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