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Morgan Corwin

Morgan Corwin

Cybersecurity Staff Instructor


Why do you enjoy being an instructor at Eleven Fifty?
All of the people I get to work with at Eleven Fifty have been really nice and helpful, and I have a lot of fun with the cyber team. In the classes I have been able to meet, there have been so many students with totally different and unique backgrounds and it brings such an interesting dynamic to each class. I have been able to continue to grow and learn so much, which is another amazing thing about this job.

Tell us about your background in Tech.
Before Eleven Fifty, I had no tech background. When I was looking into cyber security, my mom told me about Eleven Fifty’s program. I attended the part-time cyber course and absolutely loved it. After the course, I was lucky enough to get to stick around Eleven Fifty.

When did you know you were interested in Tech?
When I began college at Ball State, I had no idea what direction to head, major-wise. I ended up taking a break from college and began researching different careers. I was looking into a variety of options, but I kept coming back to cyber security. The amount of different paths you can take it this career and the fact that you will always be learning and growing is what excited me the most. I love to know that I will always have a challenge and that this industry will be ever-evolving.

A fun fact about Morgan!
I have a chinchilla named Toph and a pit-boxer mix named Baby (who always attends zoom class).

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