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Martin Flaherty

Martin Flaherty

Software Development Instructor Trainee


Why do you enjoy being an instructor at Eleven Fifty?
I love being able to help people “connect the dots” in learning to program. It helps teach/reinforce things for myself as well.

Tell us about your background in Tech.
I have been in the IT industry for about 30 years +/-. I have been primarily in the system/network administration arena, but have loved programming since my early days, but always had more opportunity in systems/networking. After attending EFA I kind of got hooked on programming again and teaching.

When did you know you were interested in Tech?
I knew I was interested in Tech about a year before I got my first computer… an Apple II+

A fun fact about Martin!
I have sort of collected degrees, licenses, and certifications over the years. They are not all still current, but I do have/have held quite an array of them.

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