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Erin Lantz

Erin Lantz

Fishers' Launch Office Administrator and HR Coordinator


Describe your role.
If I were to describe my role, I would say I am like the EFA building mom or cool aunt! I make sure students and the locations are taken care of, have what they need, and are ready to go!

What do you enjoy about your job?
I love interacting with people and helping them out whenever possible!

Why do you love the Tech industry?
I love the creativity that happens within the Tech industry. Any app that is created which allows me to order coffee and receive it quicker is an A+ in my book!

A little more about Erin…
I am a former middle school English teacher who geeks out over freshly sharpened pencils and grammar conferences. If I were to choose between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, I’d choose Harry. I often have the extended Nick Offerman Yuletide Log video playing in the background. Filtered water is my drink of choice, and when I say filtered, I mean coffee.