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Erick Forson

Erick Forson

Software Development Learning Assistant


Why do you enjoy being an instructor at Eleven Fifty?
I love the self development process. Starting at nothing and building actionable skills. I try inject some form of learning into my own life everyday so helping others do the same came quite naturally to me. Its amazing for me to see the difference in students from when they first arrive to when they finally graduate the program.

Tell us about your background in Tech.
I committed to taking the .NET Course at Eleven-Fifty in January of 2019, I quit my job in banking in May of that same year. I immediately started taking udemy classes and three months later enrolled in the .NET course. Upon finishing the course I was offered a position as a learning assistant and never looked back. Since then I have had the pleasure of teaching a few cohorts, completed the salesforce pathfinder program, passing the developer certification exam, enrolling in the part time web development course at eleven-fifty and currently studying for the salesforce admin certification.

When did you know you were interested in Tech?
Always enjoyed being creative and entrepreneurial and I always wanted to do things my way. I remember coming up with ideas, sharing them with friends and wishing for the skills to execute on my ideas. That led me to taking an interest in code and eventually Eleven-Fifty Academy.

A fun fact about Erick!
My family is originally from Ghana in west Africa, where my parents currently live but my two sisters and I were born in the United States.

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