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Chris Hutchinson

Chris Hutchinson

Sr. Vice President of Engagement


Describe your role.
As part of the Leadership team, my role is to work collaboratively with all of the departments at Eleven Fifty to identify external partnership opportunities with not only Indiana-based organizations, but with entities from coast-to-coast that benefit the Academy’s mission and growth goals.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I have always had a passion for finding collaborative and innovative ways to connect employers, students, community leaders, government agencies, and education providers to work together to improve where people live, work, and play. Getting to do all of these things with the great people I work with everyday at Eleven Fifty is one of the best experiences I have had professionally.

Why do you love the Tech industry?
Tech is everywhere and it only continues to expand its reach everyday. Getting to work for an organization that understands that providing training in Tech can literally change lives is incredibly inspiring. Tech continues to work to break down social, racial, and sexual stereotypes as well, which is also something that is beyond rewarding. Helping shape what the future looks like is pretty amazing. What is not to love about that?

A little more about Chris…
I am a son, brother, husband, and father who happens to lead Eleven Fifty’s Partnership Development efforts. After running two successful small businesses for the last five years, I decided to return to my passion of connecting community leaders, employers, educational institutions, students, and government entities to improve local, regional, and national communities. I am passionate about collaboration, entrepreneurship, coaching, and laughing whenever possible.