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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Software Development Learning Assistant


Why do you enjoy being a learning assistant at Eleven Fifty?
I enjoy being able to get back in the code and re-engage with the material I enjoyed as a student. I also enjoy being able to help others when they get stuck, it makes me feel good seeing I may know more than I think, and it helps others learn.

Tell us about your background in Tech.
I Tech background started when I attended Eleven Fifty in the fall of 2019.

When did you know you were interested in Tech?
I think I’ve always been interested in tech. I always played video games, always kept up on new tech in TV’s, iPods, car audio, etc, but it wasn’t until I was out of college and saw how software companies became massive that I started thinking about a career in software.

A fun fact about Andrew!
I love to golf!

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