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Alex Volyk

Alex Volyk

Senior Admissions Advisor


Describe your role.
As an Admissions Advisor, I handle application processing, assessments, financial aid, scholarship qualification, group and one-on-one counseling, campus tours, and assist prospective students with making the right career choice. I see myself as a mentor whose primary goal is to help every prospective student determine the path into Tech that best aligns with their passions and goals. The guidance I provide must result in their lives being positively transformed. There is some healthy pressure associated with my role at EFA; but, isn’t pressure a privilege?

What do you enjoy about your job?
The best part of my job is discovering diamonds in the rough. I meet many candidates with great potential to become coders or cyber security professionals, they just lack the skills they need for these careers. I am very proud of the fact that I have helped hundreds of students reach their potential and achieve self-actualization through coding and cyber security. It is the most thrilling feeling realizing that you had something to do with transforming rough stones into flawless diamonds.

Why do you love the Tech industry?
I love the Tech industry because it is progressive, fair, and dynamic. I feel fully charged in this exciting environment, in which human intellect, imagination, and vision radiate with the intensity superior to all other industries. Most importantly, the Tech industry naturally promotes equality and represents a great social equalizer. In this industry, the brilliance of the human mind overshadows one’s physical attributes, gender, race, and background.

A little more about Alex…
I was born in Ukraine and grew up on a farm. Studying in America was my ultimate dream. In 1993, after overcoming numerous obstacles, I traveled to Purdue University as an exchange student with just $50 to my name. I now have three master’s degrees. I am a former military officer and a polygraph examiner. I am fluent in multiple languages and have over 20 years of international business experience. My brother and I founded several successful companies and established a couple of new markets in Ukraine and beyond. I am a proud American and was naturalized on April 9, 2010; this was the happiest day of my adult life. In 2017 I received the Legacy Fund Community Pillar Award for Hamilton County. I love my family and love to travel. Soccer is my favorite sport and I religiously follow the English Premier League.

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