Teacher Mentorship Program

Are you interested in making up to $1000 helping mentor potential tech students?

Do you know of anyone interested in starting a career in tech? Him By Her is now partnered with the Eleven Fifty Academy and will be offering accelerated coding and computer science courses to students age 18 or older with a high school equivalency.

By signing up for the mentorship program, you can be compensated up to $1,000 for every student that you refer and help to succeed at the Eleven Fifty Academy.

Execute these steps to start your journey!


Step 1

Find a candidate!

The candidate is most likely excited about the program already, or interested in learning something new!

Step 2

Enroll in foundations course!

Once candidate has been selected, you must then make sure they follow through on the steps provided by our admissions team and get enrolled in one of our foundations courses! Upon enrollment you will receive your first $500 dollar bonus!

Step 3

Enroll in Immersion Course!

After the mentee finishes the foundations course they then have the option to enroll in an immersion course! If they decide to continue their journey and complete the steps provided by our admissions team for their enrollment you will then receive your second $500 bonus!

Start Your Journey

We strongly believe that students are much more likely to become graduates of the Eleven Fifty Academy with the help of someone like YOU! We are asking that you not only refer these students but you assist in ensuring their success of the program by providing weekly check-ins with the mentee. Whatever mentoring style you prefer, in person, over the phone, an email or even a simple text message! Do you think you’re interested?

Contact: Christa Szilagyi christaszilagyi@himbyherschool.org

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