How can we help you improve?

Eleven Fifty Academy students come from diverse backgrounds. They start off with varying skill levels. They begin at different points in their lives. But they all finish with the same results: Improved coding abilities that lead to improved professional success.

So which courses are right for you?

Explore Coding

Whether you’re completely new to programming, or have only had a few passing interactions, Explore Coding courses allow you to discover coding at an introductory level and pace. You’ll learn some of the basics, you learn a bit of the lingo, and you might even get your gamer on.


You’ve got coding down—but what’s next? Skill-Up courses focus on specific programming languages, frameworks and skillsets, allowing you to add new capabilities to your coding toolbox. These courses give you the background you need to be a versatile coding professional.

Accelerated Learning Programs

If you’re ready to fully immerse yourself into a comprehensive coding education but want more than just droll web tutorials or a dry classroom lectures, consider an Accelerated Learning Program. Whether it’s our three-week Foundations Learning Program, an eight-week Language Learning Program (like JavaScript or Microsoft .NET) or a twelve-week Accelerated Learning Program, these intensely informative and engaging programs not only give you a complete immersion into the subject, they also give you a complete experience.

Admissions Coach

Browse our courses. Then, when you’re ready to sign up, contact our admissions coach. They’ll make sure you have the information you need, they’ll support you through the selection process and then they’ll help get you started.

Contact a Coach

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