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The Eleven Fifty Academy Strategic Web Design course combines the practical skills needed to quickly build and deploy a website with nuggets of wisdom from graphic design, UI/UX, marketing, project management, and computer science required to make that website great. During this course, students learn to use words, design elements, and web experiences to achieve sales, marketing, communication, and other strategic objectives through hands on assignments both as an individual and as a small group. Graduates are prepared to build and deploy websites for individual clients, small and medium businesses, and work collaboratively on web design projects in larger organizations. This course is designed for those who have a pre-existing skill in writing, graphic design, and/or marketing who want to be able to build a website for themselves, clients, or their organization. Students can continue at Eleven Fifty Academy in a web or full stack development course if they want to further enhance their skills.

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August 5, 2019, October 7, 2019