Why partner with Eleven Fifty Academy?

By partnering with Eleven Fifty Academy, you’re ensuring your students or team members are getting the highest level of coding and programming training available. Whether you represent a K-12 school, a higher education institution, or a workforce, entrepreneurial, or not-for-profit organization, we have learning options for your students or team.

For K-12 students, we offer a range of introductory coding courses that provide young learners with little-or-zero programming experience an overview of coding, and we do it in a way that’s informative yet easy to understand. They’ll have a background to build on for any future coding education they may pursue, or perhaps even a sparked interest to continue learning coding on their own.

For students of higher education institutions, a background in web development or programming complements their education by expanding their skillset and increases their employability. We offer introductory courses for complete beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced courses for those who already have some coding knowledge, but want to sharpen their skills.

Academy courses give your members an opportunity to explore coding and develop basic programming skills.

If your not-for-profit organization is looking for new, challenging, or outside-the-box activities, a partnership with us provides great options to keep your members excited for learning.

The tech world moves fast. So do we.

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we’re constantly adding courses to reflect the most current technology, ensuring our students’ coding abilities are up-to-date. So whether it’s to skill-up in a deficient area, or learn something brand new, by partnering with Eleven Fifty, you’ll be able to keep your team operating at top levels.

When you partner with us, you’re getting the expertise of our knowledgeable instructors and the commitment of our entire staff.

We have programs designed for students of all skill levels and coding interests.  Learning happens in an always-in-the-code style, which means students will be doing while they are learning. As a result, students have better retention and more effective application of their skills.

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