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Looking to skill-up your employees in coding or cybersecurity?

Eleven Fifty Academy is now offering corporate training opportunities for employers wanting to skill-up their employees in both coding and/or cyber security. Whether you are looking to enhance the skills of a team of five or 500,  we can provide a highly customizable training program that best fits your business needs.  

Benefits to partnering with Eleven Fifty: 

  • Spin up a customized training program fast with Eleven Fifty’s agile Learning Team
  • Give your employees the opportunity to gain valuable skills that will benefit both the business and personal development
  • Quickly train your dev teams on coding languages or the latest software tools that will fill the gap in your business needs
  • Skill-up your IT / cyber teams on our world-class cyber range that simulates 14 different attack scenarios
  • Work with a team of highly skilled instructors who train students using the latest tech tools and industry best practices

2020 Indianapolis Tech Career Trends Report

The Indianapolis (and greater Central Indiana) Tech Community has grown drastically over the past decade and the upcoming decade promises to continue on the same projectory of growth and innovation. It’s an honor to be part of this community as well as present the 2020 Indianapolis Tech Career Trends Report containing the insight of thought leaders throughout the region on the biggest trends they foresee in Tech Careers for 2020.

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Corporate Partnership Team

Abby Gehring

Abby Gehring

Vice President of Engagement
Scott Jones, CEO

Scott A. Jones

CEO / Founder
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