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Microsoft .NET is one of the most in demand coding platforms.

As coding becomes more important to everyday life and as the workforce requires more and more programmers, Microsoft .NET looks to continue its rise in popularity and demand. Developers around the world use Microsoft .NET to build web sites, operate desktop applications, run games, and so much more. Because this coding framework is accessible and capable of building so much, students are turning to it for their programming platform of choice.

The Microsoft .NET framework makes it easier to code.

Writing an application or website line by line is tedious and time consuming. Microsoft .NET is a framework, which means programmers and coders can scaffold off of code that already exists. They take that code and customize it fit their individual needs and create something new.

Imagine having to build a house with just a few hand tools. You might be able to complete the project, but would it be quick, efficient, or lasting? What you really need is a plethora of tools, and maybe a few prefabricated parts, to help get the job done. Microsoft .NET is like that workshop full of different types of tools. Sure, you could code an application with a single language, but using the framework built into .NET allows you to accomplish the task quicker and more effectively by taking advantage of multiple languages and prewritten code.

With Microsoft .NET you can create a diverse number of applications.

As a non coder, you probably don’t think much about the technology powering the game you just downloaded to your smartphone or the code that allows you to open a program on your desktop computer. But, there’s actually a good chance that both of those applications are powered by Microsoft .NET.

One of the reasons the .NET Framework is so popular right now is because you can actually code a diverse number of applications with it. Everything from iOS and Android applications applications to websites to enterprise applications are built using .NET. The banking and mortgage industries commonly use C#, which is a programming language in the .NET framework, to create their applications.

Microsoft .NET includes multiple markup and programming languages.

Another big reason Microsoft .NET is so popular is because it involves multiple languages. If you think back to the workshop from the earlier example, you’ll remember you need a variety of tools to get the project completed. Some of these tools might be different brands because some brands create better types of tools than others. When it comes to code, some languages just perform certain tasks better.

Learning to code with Microsoft .NET means you’ll also learn languages like HTML, CSS, C#, and even a little bit of JavaScript. Understanding multiple languages allows you to solve problems, fix bugs, and create unique applications.

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