Stay involved.

As an Eleven Fifty member, there are plenty of ways you can stay involved with the Academy.

Be a mentor.

As a mentor, you’ll help a current academy student as they progress from coding novice to coding professional. You’ll be a role-model, a confidant, a teacher, an advisor, and more. Perhaps you’ll do for coding what Mr. Miyagi did for karate.

For information about current mentorship programs, click here.

Learning Opportunities

Coding technology constantly evolves. So should you. As the dynamic landscape of the tech world changes, our curriculum will be keeping up. As a member you have the opportunity to sign up for new courses as they’re offered—either to learn a new coding language, or to brush-up on a skill you haven’t used in a while.

To see our up-to-date courses, click here.

Build a career at Eleven Fifty.

As a member, you understand our mission. You’ve proven that you have what it takes to succeed as a student here. So if you’re ready to help our organization continue to grow, there may be career opportunities for you.

For more information about a career at Eleven Fifty Academy, click here.