Making the decision to change careers is easy with Eleven Fifty.

Are you happy with your current job or career path? There’s a good chance that you’re like the majority of Americans that don’t have a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment from their jobs. Instead of waking up excited about the work day, you probably wake up dreading your morning commute, the minute you sit down in your chair, and the feeling that time is slowly creeping by. There’s a good chance that if you’re asking yourself, “is it too late to change careers?”, that you spend a majority of the workday counting down the hours until you can punch out and head home.

Here’s the good news, though: there’s always time to change careers. Whether you’re 19 or 59, you can learn new skills, develop new competencies, and launch a career you love. Your current career path, no matter how long you’ve been on it, is not your only option. The real question is “should you change careers?” Making the jump to a new career isn’t for everyone, so how do you know changing careers is the right choice for you?

You want to love your job.

Loving your job may seem like something out of reach to you right now, but it’s possible. You just need the right career. Your current job probably just isn’t that great of a fit for you, your natural abilities, or your personality. If you want to ditch the job you hate for one that you actually love, then changing careers is a great idea.

You want to increase your pay potential.

One of the biggest reasons many people don’t like their current positions is their pay. Whether earning potential is low for your current career path or it’s taking too long to earn the type of pay you’re looking for, changing careers is a great way to increase your pay potential. You have to keep in mind though, that when you change careers it can take time to get to the pay that you are looking for.

You want to fit with your career.

In a recent TechCrunch article, it was suggested that millions of software engineers are trapped. They’re trapped in jobs they don’t like and jobs that aren’t suited for them. If you’re looking to change careers, it’s probably because you don’t really fit in with what you do. Your mindset and natural skills simply don’t match up with what you’re currently doing. There’s a good chance they do match up with coding being a software engineer.

You want to be even more competitive in the workplace.

Maybe you’re just tired of being passed over for career advancement. Maybe you’re frustrated by the fact that your coworkers are being tapped for job promotions and you feel stuck doing the same job day after day. Changing careers, or at the very least gaining new skills, gives you a distinct, competitive advantage in the workplace.

You want to launch a long-term career.

You’re looking for something more than short term. You don’t want to invest your time or effort in a career that’s not going anywhere. You want to launch a long-term career that’s going to provide you with stability, earning potential, and make you feel fulfilled.

A career change can sound scary to anyone, but when you look at the fact that changing careers can lead to a happier, more productive life, is it really that scary? What really matters is finding a career path that leaves you feeling fulfilled and happy.

At Eleven Fifty, we believe in helping people develop themselves. We want you to feel that sense of fulfillment in your career, which is why we’re so intentional about the competencies we teach. Our students don’t just learn to code. They discover and develop their strengths as individuals and employees. And, we don’t stop doing our part until you’ve found the career you’ve been looking for.

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