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Internet of Things (IoT) is the future.

This 4 day hands-on-learning course is designed to expose you and your team to the critical tools you need.


The future of almost every industry in the world will be powered by internet connectivity and machine-to-machine communications. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices that are embedded with electronics and network connectivity that allows these devices to collect and exchange data.  IoT Analytics is all about extracting the important information from connected devices in order to transform the way new products are created, enhance current products, and build a more connected world.

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 Embed Sensor Configuration

Develop Custom Analytics

Perform Predictive Analytics

Produce Actionable Insights


Who Is This Class For?

Career Launcher

You’re ready to strike out on your own. Not quite sure what product or service you want to launch, you know it has to be on the cutting edge. With IoT analytics, you can begin gathering the data you need to grow your desire into something real.

Career Enhancer

The future of your career looks different than your current path. You know that working in the IT field requires agility and desire to always be learning. You’re ready to take the next step, grow your skillset, and increase the knowledge you bring to your position.

Career Changer

It’s time for a change, but you aren’t entirely sure what that change looks like just yet. You know that the future is focused on technology and the connectedness of that technology. But, you don’t know where you and your dreams fit into that.

Eleven Fifty IoT Analytics Course Details


APRIL 18-21

With our hands on, end-to-end IoT Analytics course, you’ll get the experience you need to analyze and collect data from connected devices. We’ll walk you through the process of embedding sensors, developing custom visualizations, performing predictive analytics, and leveraging the cloud. Students will use Raspberry Pi computers and R/C cars to create, collect, and analyze data using IoT operating systems and hubs.

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IoT Analytics Course Overview

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Astro Pi Sense Hat
  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • Other Sensors
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Virtual Machine Login
  • IoT Firmware
  • Register Device
  • Integrated Development Environment (Visual Studio)
  • Set Startup Application
  • lhpwindows10iot Code
  • Azure Portal
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Storage Explorer
  • Azure Stream Analytics
    • Creation
    • Add Inputs
    • Add Outputs
    • Write Query
    • Start
  • Schemas
  • Power BI
    • Build and Manage a Model
    • Visualize Data
    • Example Dashboards from LHP Intern’s IoT Analytics Training
    • Example Dashboards from Internal Data at LHP Data Analytics
    •  Example Data Models from Internal Data at LHP Data Analytics
  • Excel Reporting
    • Publish Your Power BI Data Model
    • Go to Power BI Service
    • Visualize Data in Excel
  • Azure Machine Learning Cheat Sheets
  • Azure Machine Learning Experiments
    • Navigating Azure Machine Learning Studio
    • Import Data
    • Data Transformation
    • Connect the Modules
    • Prepare Training and Test Data
    • Initialize a Machine Learning Algorithm
    • Train a Machine Learning Algorithm
    • Score a Trained Model
    • Evaluate Model Results
    • Run your Model
    • Analyze Results
  • Azure Machine Learning Web Services
    • Set Up Web Service
    • Modify Predictive Experiment
    • Deploy Web Service
    • Test the Web Service Endpoint
  • Linux Operating System
  • Register Device
  • Integrated Development Environment (Python 3 (idle))
  • Set Startup Application
  • lhppythoniot Code

Students Will Receive...

Hands-On Experience Using

IoT Operating System
IoT Hubs
Cloud Storage
Cloud Analytics
Machine Learning
Visualization Tools

Their Own Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Single Board Computer
Sense Hat By Astropi
Micro USB Power Supply
Official Case
16GB MicroSD Card with SD Adaptor
LHP Portable Power Brick

More Than A Course

Portfolio DevelopmentPortfolio Development

Immersive LearningImmersive Learning

Teamwork Skills

Career Acceleration

What Can You Do With IoT Analytics?

With virtually every device, including your kitchen toaster, becoming more and more connected to the Internet, there is a need for analysts to extract the data generated by these devices and turn it into something tangible. With the extracted data, companies will transform the way they interact with customers, improve the delivery of information, increase maintenance response time, and improve the overall quality of products. The data is also a powerful tool in app, product, and service development leading to new technologies and improved capabilities not yet imagined.

About Eleven Fifty

Eleven Fifty Academy is a nonprofit focused on helping new and experienced coders launch and enhance their careers. We’re committed to helping our students reach their career goals. Our instructors and staff are focused on helping you develop the skills and strengths you need to code your future.

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What Our Grads Are Saying

“The immersive experience of a 9-week coding boot camp is definitely taxing, but is a great mental challenge.”

Joe B.

“The ALPs program has been my answer for more coding knowledge and I'm excited for more to come!”

Kenneth O.

“Throughout my journey, I have been consistently amazed at how much I have learned and all the great people I have met.  I feel like I have finally found something that I can get paid for that doesn't feel like work.”

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 Ready To Learn How to Analyze IoT Data?

Are you ready to start building the future? With the power to analyze the information collected by connected devices, you can start designing and develop future technologies today.

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