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What’s the first thing you do when investigating a new company? Most likely it’s the same thing you do when you have any question: Google it.

A company’s online presence is crucial for creating a lasting first impression. As the digital age unfolds, the demand for professionals specializing in coding and web design is greater than ever before. Companies are in need of websites that are attractive, professional, and informational while providing a straightforward user experience. Learning how to use WordPress can allow you to satisfy this corporate need for web design. With nearly 75 million WordPress websites out there today, learning how to use this software adds a marketable skill to your resume. Learn about what WordPress skills you’ll need to know and what professions they’ll make available to you.

Just the Basics

While you may eventually want to become WordPress proficient in a specific skill set, it starts with learning the basics and building your way up. Determine your interests and strengths, then continue developing your skills. Don’t be afraid to experiment with WordPress. The more you learn and use the software, the more familiar and marketable you’ll be. It’s up to you to determine the extent to which you develop your abilities, but even a basic knowledge of WordPress will make you more valued in the corporate world.

Starting Out

Even entry-level WordPress knowledge is beneficial to a business. Many smaller start-up companies may not have the skillset or resources to build their own website. Therefore, they’ll be looking for someone to design an appealing website on a low budget. A professional, eye-catching website can be designed on WordPress simply using existing plugins and themes. All coding aside, building a standard, functional website using introductory WordPress training is a valuable skill. The website may not be highly customized, but satisfies the needs of a growing company.

Dive In

If you choose to dive deeper into WordPress, more doors will be opened for you. Many companies are looking for applicants with experience beyond using the entry-level features. They’ll be looking for developers who can apply custom features and plugins for a site that’s uniquely theirs. To do this, you should have background knowledge regarding PHP, HTML, and CSS. Combining WordPress skills with this triple threat gives you the ability to make customized websites built specifically for the individual needs of a client.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor): WordPress is built on the PHP programming language. It takes care of this code for you, so it’s not required to know when building a site. However, learning how to use PHP yourself allows you to highly customize the look and format of a site.  PHP code is read by a server and determines what HTML formatting is sent to your device for displaying a webpage.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): HTML tells a computer how to format content on a webpage. Tags control headings, paragraphs, lists, and other textual elements to make your content easy to read.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): When you open a website on your device, all content, images, and buttons have a specific place. CSS is used to change the style and design elements of a webpage to make it visually appealing, including colors and fonts. Additionally, CSS is used to adjust the formatting of a website across many platforms so that both mobile and desktop users can view a site the way it’s intended.

Understanding how to use PHP, HTML, and CSS in conjunction with WordPress is especially in demand with smartphone usage at an all-time high. Since around 70% of U.S. citizens own a smartphone today, neglecting mobile platforms can be detrimental to a business. According to Formstack, 57% of users won’t recommend a site that is poorly designed for mobile devices. Having the skill to create a website that’s not only highly customized but accessible to users across all devices is extremely valuable and we don’t see the demand decreasing anytime soon.

Down to Business

Designing websites is more than just coding and content, it’s a business.

The scalability of WordPress makes it fit for use by startups and large corporations alike. All successful companies need an online presence in this digital age, which creates WordPress positions in almost all fields of business. Whether you choose to pursue freelance work or full-time employment, there is a need for WordPress skills across the board.

So where are WordPress skills needed?

Here are two fields where WordPress skills are in high demand.

Tech – Many companies involved in software development, cloud computing, and cybersecurity are looking for job applicants with WordPress skills to make their websites reflect their proficiency in technology. This includes making a website user-friendly, informational, and compatible with mobile devices.

Marketing – Website design is an integral part of marketing a company. Marketing firms across the nation are looking for people with experience in WordPress to help design appealing websites that will draw in potential clients.

Whether you’re looking to learn WordPress skills for the first time, or whether you’ve been developing your skills for years, there is a place in the job market for you.  With the digital era in full force, customized web design is needed more than ever. Not only is a great way to market a company, but it also provides the information and background knowledge that potential clients need. In fact, WordPress is used by major companies such as CNN, Disney, and Facebook today. With a 90% placement rate here at Eleven Fifty, we prepare you to enter the workforce armed with the WordPress skills you need to find success in this growing industry. Learn more about the WordPress courses we have to offer and feel free to contact us with any questions! 



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