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User Experience & User Interface Design are arguably the largest growing career paths in tech right now. Our new eight week online course is self-paced and perfect for those who need a flexible schedule and want to complete projects on their own time.

Throughout our unique UX/UI Design learning experience, you’ll find modern, relevant curriculum carefully crafted to give you the skills you need to start your career as an entry-level User Interface Designer or build on existing skillsets to become a UI Developer, UX Designer, UX Researcher and more.

What Students Can Expect:

  • Students will spend 15-25 hours per week on course work learning UX/UI foundations, completing relevant projects and building their personal portfolio
  • 30-60 minute weekly 1:1 sessions with UX/UI mentors and instructors
  • 2-hour online learning sessions every Tuesday from 7-9 PM (EST)
  • Self-paced curriculum with weekly project submissions

Who would be a good candidate for the UX/UI Design course?
This is a beginner class created for anyone who has a love for technology, an eye for great design as well as personal drive and motivation. Students do not need experience in any of the following, but web developers, Internet consultants, IT professionals, marketing professionals, web and graphic artists, and business professionals would be great candidates for this program to enhance their current skills.


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7 Signs You Should Pursue a Career in UI/UX

7 Signs You Should Pursue a Career in UX/UI

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UX/UI Design FAQs

How much homework can I expect in the UX/UI Design course?

You should plan to spend 15-25 hours every week in the UX/UI Design class. Since this course is self-paced, you can divide your time however you want. You might even find some projects so engaging that you put in a lot more than 25 hours! 

How do I know if I am progressing as needed when in the UX/UI class?

The UX/UI class has numerous different parts from traditional reading to projects. You may find some aspects more challenging than others. You will do a weekly check in with the learning team for feedback. Furthermore, our learning management system will help you understand which parts you need to complete next and how you are doing on each individual part. Lastly, you will get real feedback from industry professionals.

Where does the User Interface Designer curriculum come from?

This class is carefully designed to meet the needs of our employer partners. The CIW User Interface certification proves you have the knowledge required to work in a team. The technical skills portion allows you to jump into the common workflows you’ll encounter as a UI professional. And, the portfolio portion makes sure you master the practical aspects of designing and building user interfaces.

Do I need to be an artist to do well in the UX/UI Design course?

No. You will need to sketch out your ideas and communicate them visually, but a successful user interface professional does not need to be a traditional visual artist or a graphic designer.

What’s the difference between UX and UI? 

UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface. Many people think of these as the same thing, but they are quite different. User Experience is the overall impression one has from all interactions with a company or product while the User Interface is the actual assets which make up the physical or virtual interface. This class focuses on user interface design, but it is impossible to design user interfaces in a vacuum without taking into account how one is changing the user experience. In large companies, these are completely different fields and breakdown into even more specific roles such as a UXR (user experience researcher) or an interaction designer. In smaller companies, one person may complete all roles. 

Do I need to know how to code to be a UX/UI Designer?

Both UX Designers and UI designers don’t necessarily need to code at an expert level, but it’s ideal to learn enough to establish an understanding and appreciation. If UI Design is more of your focus, you will need a good understanding of today’s prototyping platforms; UI prototyping solutions now include or get close to coding as part of the design process.

How can I best prepare myself for the UX/UI Design course?

There is no pre-work for this course, but best way to prepare yourself for the UX/UI Design class is to do some preliminary research on your own. Find out what areas you like about UX and UI and where you think your skills and character traits would fit in best for a career path.

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7 Signs You Should Pursue a Career in UX/UI


What are job positions I might get after I graduate from the UX/UI Design course?

There are several different job positions one can get after graduating from our UX/UI Design Course. Most graduates may start as a Junior UX/UI Developer or Designer. After gaining experience, many get promoted to Senior UX/UI Developer or even UX/UI Lead. Other possible positions may include User Research or Usability Analyst.

Our Career Services team assists students and graduates prepare and search for these types of positions. Visit our Career Services page to see what companies hire our grads and how else they help our graduates.

What is the average salary for an entry level UX/UI Designer?

The average salary for an entry level UX/UI Designer in the United States is $77k, but factors such a location can play a part in salary as well. Experienced UX/UI Designers make well above this average entry level salary.

How much does the UX/UI Design course cost?

Tuition for the User Experience and User Interface Design 8-week online course is $5,000.

You can schedule a meeting with one of our Admissions Coaches to further discuss financing and scholarship opportunities.

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