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Curious About Coding or Cybersecurity? Check out our FREE Intro Classes

If changing to a career in tech sparks your interest, try one of our FREE Intro Courses at Eleven Fifty Academy. Our FREE Intro to Coding and Intro to Cybersecurity classes are conveniently offered weekly inside our Fishers campus.

You’ll join Eleven Fifty Academy instructors and team members while experiencing hands-on activities in coding or cybersecurity – depending on which course you choose. You’ll also learn more about our fast track bootcamp programs that can launch you into an exciting new tech career in just a few months, not years.

In our FREE intro courses, you’ll explore:

  • An intro to the fundamentals of coding or cybersecurity, depending on which class you choose
  • Our part-time and full-time bootcamp options
  • Bootcamp tuition, scholarship and financing opportunities
  • How our Career Services team makes Eleven Fifty Academy unique


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