Posted on April 22nd, 2020 in Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity Certifications: What You Need to Know


By Justin Ahmann  

Understanding how to get started in cyber security can be the hardest part of transitioning into this in-demand field. 

If you’ve been exploring this career path, you’ve likely seen jobs require certifications or list them as a desirable asset for their ideal candidate. Cyber security Certifications prove your understanding of key cyber security topics. The tests to achieve them cover a range of topics and each has its own purpose. 

Do You Need Cyber Security Certifications? 

If you want a career in cyber security but don’t have years of experience, certifications have your back by vouching for your expertise. While some certifications require years of experience, the Eleven Fifty Cyber Security curriculum was designed to include industry-standard certifications that can be obtained WHILE you study. The course is also designed to accommodate all skills and experience levels, allowing anyone to get started in the field. 

Your Path to Certification 

Cyber security students work toward certifications from COMPTIA that are some of the most recognized IT and security certifications for entry-level professionals.  The process to prepare for your certifications starts day one of bootcamp.

  • Pre-Work The first phase of the course is focused on introducing you to computers through a mix of classroom and lab work. This lays the foundation for your certification journey.
  • Network+ Once the foundation is in place, you dive into your first of two certifications, Network+. We’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with networks, from understanding the way the internet works to the hardware that powers it. You’ll also get your first taste of security concepts and how to lock down and protect these devices.
  • Security+ After you have a firm understanding of the Internet and networks you’ll work toward your Security+ certification. You’ll learn key security concepts, including the different types of security threats, how to identify cyber attacks, the tools you can use to prevent them, and how to get systems back up and running. You’ll also learn how the cloud is changing the security game. Once completed, you’ll have a firm grasp of the processes many companies use to protect themselves from cyber threats, giving you a strong employable skill set.

Hands-On Cyber Range Experience 

While certifications show that you understand the concepts needed to do the job, your experience on the “Range” will truly set you apart. The Range is a state-of the-art virtual network created to give students exposure to monitoring large networks and how to mitigate common threats. The different scenarios in the Range require you to put your new knowledge in practice, and the strong hands-on application of concepts prepares you for real-world scenarios.

Getting the Job

Once you have your certifications in hand and are ready to take the plunge into your job search, we have you covered with a dedicated Career Services team. Our Career Services coaches are available to help you polish your resume, prepare for your interviews, and provide feedback to help you be in the best possible position to land your next job.

At the end of the day, it’s about getting your foot in the door, and your security certifications and new skill sets will be your ticket to jumpstart your new career.

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