Cybersecurity Part-Time

Cybersecurity Immersive – 24 Weeks

Learn cybersecurity and work full-time. 

Many sources predict there will be a shortage of millions of cybersecurity jobs by 2021. As a result, we’re rolling out immersive cybersecurity bootcamps to combat the demand. This part-time course takes place on nights and weekends over 24 weeks and is designed to prepare anyone from any background for an entry-level job in cybersecurity. Our expert-designed curriculum includes training and passing industry recognized certifications that are meant to set the foundations for a cybersecurity professional. In addition, your course work includes ten weeks of hands-on training in a world-class cyber range meant to mimic real life cyber-attacks. By the end of the course, you will be trained to conduct, monitor, and stop these attacks.

In this class you will:

  • Develop proper defense techniques against some of the most popular cyber attacks.
  • Learn how to properly use industry grade defense tools.
  • Work together as a defensive teams against new and emerging cyber attacks.
  • Gain real world experience through our state of the art cyber range.
  • Receive two renown industry certifications (Network+ & Security+)
  • Acquire the skill set to get a job in the new and expanding cybersecurity job market.
Learn cybersecurity through an immersive program and walk away with employable hard skills and the soft skills to back it up. From day one, you’ll be submerged in cybersecurity.
This course is designed to get you the experience you need for a new career in cybersecurity. You’ll create a personal portfolio to showcase your new skills to employers.
Our career support team will help you make connections in our employer network in cybersecurity. We work with you one-on-one to assist in building your resume and LinkedIn profile.
Eleven Fifty Academy has joined forces with the Cybersecurity Alliance and Fortune 100 companies to vet our curriculum, ensuring we maintain a high level of integrity that meets current industry needs.

Course Goals

During the Cybersecurity Immersive Program, you will be learning tools, technical skills, industry best practices, and more. Through progression in the track, our goal is to assist you to grow your technical knowledge and skills as well as professionalism and team work. Upon graduation of the program you should have the skills needed to be an entry level cybersecurity analyst or equivalent.


24 weeks

At a Glance

  • Receive industry largely recognized certifications (Network + and Security +)
  • Proficiency working with industry leading tools
  • Conduct and prevent cyber attacks
  • Hands-on learning in a world class cyber range
  • Learning how to work alongside other cybersecurity professionals
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Gold Badge

Gold Badge

Weeks 1-4:

Building the Foundation

During the first four weeks of your immersive cybersecurity program, you’ll focus on the basics of cybersecurity. Getting this foundation will prepare you to move into more advanced and hands on experiences in the cyber range.

Areas of Focus

  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
Blue Badge

Blue Badge

Weeks 5-13:

Gaining the Knowledge

In weeks 5-13, you’ll move beyond the basics of classroom certification training and begin to dive deeper into the technical side of cybersecurity. Time in the cyber range is designed to give you hands on experience with tools to prevent, monitor, and stop real cyber-attacks.

Areas of Focus

  • Introduction to Leading Industry Tools
  • Cyber Range Security Exercises
  • Develop and Understand Incident Response Behaviors
  • Begin Career Prep
Red Badge

Red Badge

Weeks 14-24:

Polishing Your Skills

In the last phase of the immersive program, you’ll spend your time working within teams to complete more complex exercises. This time is designed to help you begin to think as an attacker. We’ll also use this time to take career development to the next level.

Areas of Focus

  • Build and Operation of a Modern SOC
  • Using SOC Technologies and Management Systems
  • Cyber-Attack Types
  • Interview Skills


Our Expert-Designed Curriculum Spans:

  • Obtaining industry leading certifications to lay the foundation of a cybersecurity professional.
  • Understanding industry terms and best practices essential to cyber.
  • Exposure to common threat behaviors and attack vectors.
  • Familiarity in an enterprise SOC environment.
  • Expert designed cyber range that allows instructors to put students through real life rigorous cyber-attacks.
  • Career development skills that will allow students the ability for tremendous growth in cybersecurity.

Tuition & Financing

  • Scholarships

    Different scholarship opportunities are often available for students who qualify. Check with our admissions team for scholarship availability. SCHEDULE A MEETING

  • GI Bill Funding

    We accept the GI Bill for members of all military branches. For qualifying veterans, benefits include full tuition and a stipend for housing and books. LEARN MORE

  • Student Loans

    Eleven Fifty has partnered with top student loan providers who specialize in helping close the skills gap and offer fixed-rate loans options. LEARN MORE

  • Payment Plans

    We offer customized installment plans on a student-by-student basis. These installment plans are generally interest-free and flexible. For students who pay tuition in full upfront, a discount is provided. LEARN MORE

  • Full Tuition

    Students who attend our part-time bootcamps have lunch provided every day. APPLY TODAY


David Whitt, our Director of Cybersecurity has over 10 years of I.T. experience with an impressive range of scope. With six years of military experience including time as a Training Manager in the U.S. Air Force, David has no problem taking charge and training his team to provide as much value as possible for everyone who attends Eleven Fifty Academy. He is extremely proud to be an integral part in the founding and creation of Eleven Fifty Academy’s Cybersecurity program.

David Whitt

Director of Cybersecurity
Teddy Guzek

Teddy Guzek

Cybersecurity Advisor

Nicholas Tamanini

Cybersecurity Learning Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the cybersecurity course require any coding experience?

No, students are not required to have any coding experience. However, any technical knowledge that students enter the class with will certainly give a leg up during the bootcamp.

What exactly is a cyber range?

The Eleven Fifty Academy cyber range gives you the opportunity to put your basic security knowledge developed in the first stage of courses and put it to use. This range gives you hands on experiences conducting, preventing, identifying, and stopping cyberattacks in a real computer environment.

Do I need to bring my own computer to the cybersecurity course?

No, a personal computer is not required for this course. All equipment will be provided.

What certifications do I get in the 14-week Cybersecurity Immersive course?

You will receive two globally recognized certifications: CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+.

You will also receive a security analyst certificate for completing training on the cyber range as well as a graduation Red Badge from Eleven Fifty Academy.

What are job positions I might get after I graduate from Eleven Fifty’s Cybersecurity Immersive course?

Job positions targeted for this course could be an information security analyst, a SOC analyst, incident response analyst, or working on a red team (penetration testing) for the offensive security side of things.

What is the average salary of an entry-level Cybersecurity Analyst?

The average salary of an entry-level cybersecurity analyst is around $65k, but factors such a location can play a part in salary as well. Many experienced cybersecurity analysts make well into six figures.