Instructions for Free Online HTML & CSS for Beginners

An important message for all course attendees:

Installation Assistance

If you need assistance or guidance with any of the installation steps below, please login to the Zoom class at 5:30 pm and we will have instructors on hand to help.


We’re also available at if you have questions or need assistance with any of the instructions found on this page.

VIDEO: Software Installation for Windows

VIDEO: Software Installation for MacOS

Install Steps to Prepare You for Success in Class

These tools will help ensure you get the best learning experience out of the online course!

STEP ONE: Register for the class on Zoom
Zoom is how you’ll join the course on your desktop or laptop computer. Please register yourself using the class registration link. Next, download and install the Zoom app for your device. Please Note: If you don’t have a Zoom account associated with your email address, you will have to create a FREE account.

STEP TWO: Install Google Chrome
If you already have Chrome, great! If you don’t already have Chrome on your computer, please do so before the course begins.

STEP THREE: Install VS Code on Windows or Install VS Code on MacOS
VS Code is the editor you’ll use to write your code. This editor has built-in tools that will make things faster and easier for you – it is one of the most important tools you’ll need for this course!

Once VS Code is installed, add these VS Code extensions:

  • Install the Open In Browser extension (video)
  • Install the Material Theme extension (video)

STEP FOUR: Create a FREE GitHub Account
GitHub is a cloud-based hosting service that lets you manage the code you’ve created.

Email if you have questions or need assistance. We’re here to help!

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