Full-Time Immersive

12/14 Week Programs

Engaged and accelerated learning for new coders.

Our 12 and 14-week bootcamps are challenging, yet one of the most rewarding experiences. At the start of each program, including cybersecurity, students begin with some hand-holding while learning the fundamentals, but one of our greatest program benefits is teaching students how to grow independently. It’s important to note that the time and effort put into the program will determine the success of the individual. With that being said, our instructors and staff are 100% dedicated to the success of each and every student.



Build Better User Experiences.

Did you know that JavaScript is the #1 programming language in the world? Our Web Development immersive is focused on turning noncoders into well-rounded, versatile coders. From day one, we’ll be working with you to get you prepared for an entry-level coding job. You’ll get hands-on experience and develop the soft skills that you need to land your dream job. Our instructors won’t lecture you from a book or expect you to watch hours of tutorial videos. Instead, they’ll walk you through the JavaScript fundamentals, help you expand your coding knowledge, and give you the tools you need to become a JavaScript professional.



Build New Apps and Develop New Skills.

Did you know that Software Development is one of the most in-demand skills in Indiana? It’s the backbone of everything running online and on your computer. The Software Development Framework is like a toolbox full of the different tools you’ll need to build, maintain, create, and establish anything having to do with applications. The Eleven Fifty Software Development immersive 12-week course is all about mastering the Framework, so you can build the applications and reach your dreams of being a career coder.



Create, Update, Store, and Retrieve Data in a Database.

Our Python Programming 12-week full-time course is designed for entrepreneurs, designers, developers, business owners, and anyone interested in learning about Python. Great for beginners with no experience in coding or for those familiar with other languages, Python is highly in-demand and versatile across tasks and applications. Python is considered to be a user-friendly language that is very easy to pick up due to its flexible syntax combined with its massive capabilities and extensive library of support makes it a powerful and accessible language.



Become trained to conduct, monitor, and prevent cyber attacks.

Our Cybersecurity 14-week program is designed to combat the increasing demand of cybersecurity professionals. Throughout this program you will earn important industry certifications that build the foundation every cyber professional needs, as well as receive hands-on training in our world-class cyber range. After completing this program, you will know how to conduct and stop cyber attacks, as well as be prepared for an entry-level job in the industry.


  • “I came to Eleven Fifty a little hesitantly, as I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up with a bootcamp style learning environment, but the staff here made it simple. The teachers here are all excellent, and really connect with the students beyond teaching. The environment is more like a family, and the materials provided are extensive and go the
    extra mile.”
    Tim G., 12-Week Immersive Graduate (2018)