Free Intro to UX/UI Design

With technology growing at such an incredibly fast pace, careers in User Experience Design and User Interface Design are constantly evolving and expanding to meet the job demands. If you love tech, appreciate great design and are curious about creating better user experiences, then a career in UX/ UI may be the right career path for you.

In our FREE Intro to UX/UI Design Online course you will explore:

  • The definition of UX and UI and their unique differences 
  • The history behind User Experience and User Interface Design
  • How to develop a user persona and create a wireframe solution 
  • How you can kick-start a career in the UX/UI Design Industry
  • Details about our new 8-week UX/UI Design Online (Flex) course
  • Bootcamp course tuition, scholarship and financing opportunities

Are you ready to transform your future?

High Demand. High Salary Potential.
Demand for User Experience and User Interface Designers is on the rise globally. Plus, starting salaries and growth potential exceeds many traditional fields.

Course Details 

Skills: This intro class is designed for those who are curious about a new career in UX/UI Design or improving upon their current tech skills. There is no need for previous design knowledge, but basic computer skills and a strong interest in creating great digital experiences (desktop, mobile and tablet) is highly recommended.

What You’ll Need: A computer, pen and paper, and good WiFi capabilities. 


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7 Signs You Should Pursue a Career in UI/UX

7 Signs You Should Pursue a Career in UX/UI

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Brandon Stephens

UX/UI Lead Instructor

Jonathan Huer

Chief Learning Officer
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