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  • An introduction to the Python coding language
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Our Python Course


During the Python Immersive Program, you will be learning Python, Flask, Agile Methodologies, Computer Networking / Security and more!

Throughout our 12-week Immersive Python coding course you’ll find modern, relevant curriculum designed to teach the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful software developer.

Topics At A Glance:

  • Programming & Python Language Fundamentals
  • Software Engineering Best Practices
  • Version control
  • Collaborative Software Development
  • Securing applications
  • Databases
  • Integrating third-party application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Deploying applications to the Cloud
  • Whiteboard interviews
  • Tech Assessments
  • Demo Applications- Including Data Visualization and Automation
  • Instructor Lead Code-Alongs

Learn to code Python— one of the most versatile, useful, user-friendly, and fastest growing languages in coding today.


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