Free Intro to Cybersecurity Online

Learn how you can kick-off a career in the high-paying, high-demand field of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is one of the largest new fields with a massive demand for talent. If you are interested in the world of cybersecurity and would like to learn more about conducting and preventing cyberattacks, there is no better time than now. Attend one of our free Intro to Cybersecurity courses to see if a career in cybersecurity is the right career path for you!

In response to COVID-19 and reducing the risk of attendee exposure to the virus, we will be hosting all FREE into courses virtually until further notice. We will send participants a link to the livestream before the class begins. 


Skills: This course is designed for people who are interested in the new and emerging world of cybersecurity. There is no need for previous cybersecurity knowledge to attend the class, but basic computer skills and knowledge of the Internet is highly recommended.

What to Bring
: Yourself! A computer is not needed to attend this free intro course. This class is for those interested or curious about cybersecurity as a future career. We’ll discuss the demand for more cybersecurity professionals today, what a career in cybersecurity could look like for you, and provide a brief overview of our course curriculum – including our unique training on a world-class cyber range, which simulates real-world cyber attacks. Lastly, we’ll talk about two industry certifications student can earn in both our full and part-time cybersecurity courses. 


Nicholas Tamanini

Nicholas Tamanini

Cybersecurity Learning Assistant

David Whitt

Director of Cybersecurity
Teddy Guzek

Teddy Guzek

Cybersecurity Advisor