Free HTML & CSS Online Course for Beginners

Learn a highly valuable skill that could transform your career path right now.

We’re excited to be offering a new FREE online intro course to HTML & CSS, which are two building blocks to all of our digital experiences. The course will take place over two consecutive evenings and will be offered to anyone who is curious about coding. No experience? No problem!  

Throughout the beginner coding course, you’ll learn:

  • How HTML and CSS work together to create web pages
  • How to provide page structure and meaning with HTML
  • How to make web pages look great using CSS
  • How to create lists, add media and forms to web pages
  • How the Internet and cloud work to deliver web applications
  • Top developer tools for building web pages 
  • Web design best practices and an overview of UI/UX

What You’ll Need to Learn HTML and CSS
Skills: This FREE coding course is designed for beginners interested in learning how to write HTML and CSS. No prior knowledge of HTML required.

Hardware: Your personal laptop with good WiFi capabilities. Two screens are recommended, but not required.

Software: The latest version of Google Chrome is preferred.

Please note: Attendees must be at least 18 years of age.

What is HTML and What Can You Do With It?
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is foundational to web design. HTML elements include structure, formatting, and functionality. The latest version of the language is HTML5, which has advanced web page design with multimedia and semantic elements. You’ll start learning HTML code as a building block for learning other languages.

What is CSS and What Can You Do With It?
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) refers to web page styling: CSS properties are what make websites really come to life, defining elements such as fonts and colors. While HTML and CSS are two different languages with their own syntax, they work together inline to properly display a site. Think of HTML as the skeleton of a website. CSS is the clothing, makeup, and style of how a website looks.

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Adam Jayne

Web Development Instructor

Xzavier Dunn

Web Development Learning Assistant

Danielle Geiser

Web Development Instructor

FAQ's - HTML & CSS for Beginners

Do I need to be a resident of Indiana to sign up?

You don’t need to be a resident of Indiana to sign up. All Eleven Fifty courses are currently being held online.

Are coding bootcamps worth it?

Eleven Fifty’s bootcamps take you beyond the basics of HTML and learning CSS. You’ll learn a wide range of programming languages such as Javascript, and will give you the tools for front-end web design and development. You’ll also be connected to Eleven Fifty’s Career Services team, which helps new graduates land jobs in web development and design in Indiana and beyond.

How can I keep up with my HTML & CSS learning?

In order to further expand your HTML and CSS skills and learning, it’s important to take your education even further with an Eleven Fifty coding bootcamp. Our online courses are flexible. You can take part- or full-time classes from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

What are my options after I attend this course?

After attending the free beginner’s course, you’ll want to review some of the top reasons to get into web development. Web development is a growing career field: your skills will be in high demand, and you’ll earn a competitive salary. Coding is a foundational skill, so even if you choose another career, knowing how to design websites will give you an advantage in other computer science jobs.

Is HTML and CSS enough to get a job?

While learning HTML and CSS is vital for understanding the basics of web design, there’s more to learn to work as a web developer. This free intro class will equip you with the right information to pursue a full coding bootcamp, which will guide you through more programming languages such as Java and Python. You might come away with an idea of how to tinker with your own website, but it’s unlikely that this HTML course alone will qualify you to become a web designer.

How often is the Free Intro to HTML & CSS class held?

The free tutorial is held once per month and is taught over two days, with three-hour sessions each day. 

How will this course help me get a job?

The HTML and CSS beginner course is just that: it gives you an overview of what goes into working in web design and should help you decide if you want to pursue a full bootcamp with Eleven Fifty. While our free intro courses are great for a crash course in coding, the full web development course will help you build your portfolio and give you real-world coding experience. 

How is this class different from the Free Intro to Coding?

If you’re interested in dipping your toe in the water and learning more about becoming a web developer, Eleven Fifty’s Free HTML and CSS for Beginners course will arm you with enough information to know if a coding bootcamp is for you. While the Free Intro to Coding class provides an overview of commonly used programming languages, the beginners HTML and CSS tutorial will take a deeper dive into how these building blocks work together to build a web page. 

This tutorial will help you learn how HTML tags and CSS selectors build websites and will give you an overview of basic developer tools. You’ll also learn valuable web design best practices, an overview of UI/UX, and what it will take to become a web developer.

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