Immersive Professional Cybersecurity Skill-Up

Cybersecurity Professional Training:

  • A week long professional development course
  • State of the art EFA Cyber Range training
  • Professionals run through 10 cyber attack scenarios
  • Cybersecurity+ certification or equivalent expected for attendees



Eleven Fifty Academy’s Professional Cybersecurity training program takes I.T. and cybersecurity professionals through 10 common cyber threat scenarios in a week of intense, hands on training in one of the most state of the art cyber ranges in Indiana.

Using the first Cyberbit range in Indiana, we provide cybersecurity professionals a safe place to fail so that they don’t when it is the real thing. We use 10 scenarios with various levels of confusion, noise, and distractions. How confident are you that your team is up to date?


About the EFA Cyber Range:

Our world class cyber range is a training and simulation platform which enables us to establish and manage a hyper-realistic training center proven to boost information security team performance. Our Cyber Range simulates a real-world SOC including a virtual corporate network which mimics all of the most common networks used by companies worldwide. We accurately simulate attack scenarios to provide an immersive experience that prepares trainees to react to attacks effectively.


About the Trainer:

Teddy Guzek grew in Indianapolis with a passion for technology. That passion took him to Indiana University where he studied Informatics in hopes of turning that into a career. After graduation, Teddy moved to Chicago to join a consulting firm where he would specialize in penetration testing. After a handful of years in Chicago, Teddy decided to move back to Indianapolis where he has his own Security consulting firm and readies individuals for a career in information security.


Cost and details:

The full 5 day program costs $4,995 per person. Training starts on Monday at 1, after the included lunch, and ends on Friday after the same. All required learning materials are included in the cost of the program.



All participants are expected to have Security+ certification or equivalent experience.


About Eleven Fifty Academy:

Eleven Fifty Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit technology academy. Eleven Fifty Academy aims to impact the lives of career changers, professionals looking to skill-up, and those just launching their careers. The mission of Eleven Fifty Academy is to build an ecosystem of coding talent that financially benefits the individual, their employer, and their community. Our strength originates in the diversity of our students and our passion is helping individuals create meaningful impact in their lives through finding their highest purpose.


Course Goal

Our skill-up:

  • Allows professionals to practice defending against 8 cybersecurity threats
  • Is taught on Indiana’s first Cyberbit range, a cutting edge SOC
  • Reinforces cybersecurity training and confidence, something not enforced by simply reading
  • Is an opportunity for teambuilding, networking, and teamwork among other cybersecurity professionals


Teddy Guzek

Teddy Guzek

Cybersecurity Professional Coach

David Whitt

Cybersecurity Instructor
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