Need a coding education partner for your company or corporation?

The Eleven Fifty Academy is proud to offer its services as a partner for companies and corporations looking to improve the tech skills of their teams.

Relevant Offerings

The world of programming and development is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, your team needs to evolve with it.

The Eleven Fifty Academy offers comprehensive Corporate Training Programs (CTPs), designed to keep your team’s tech skills sharp and programming knowledge up-to-date. CTPs are built to accommodate companies of varying sizes and budgets while providing consistent, high-level education for your developers and programmers.

No matter which area of expertise your team wants to skill-up, we offer a course for it. No matter your team’s scheduling needs, we have options to accommodate them (our courses run anywhere from half-a-day to a full week). And no matter your team’s size, we’re prepared for it.

Benefits of Partnership

Your corporation or company can benefit from a partnership with Eleven Fifty Academy. One way is by enrolling your employees in any of our courses. Another way is through sponsorship.


As a corporate partner, you are eligible for a 10-20% Corporate Discount Rate on the purchase of multiple skill-up courses. In these courses, your employees will draw from the expertise of our team and their commitment to sharing relevant and up-to-date coding knowledge through immersive, hands-on learning opportunities.


Another way to partner with us is through a class or apprentice sponsorship. As a sponsor, you’ll be helping to support Academy students on their journey towards complete coding competence. But you’ll also have an inside view on student performances and evaluations, giving you insight about current students and their potential to fit into your organization.

Is your corporation interested in becoming an Eleven Fifty Partner?