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Guide to Coding Careers

Is coding a good career? The short answer is, yes. Coding jobs are some of the most plentiful and secure in today’s economy, and they usually come with a higher-than-average salary. But like anything else, your unique coding career path is what will create specific value in your life. The best programming jobs for one person might have another feeling bored or too stressed to enjoy the benefits of their career. 

So, we created this guide to help people interested in breaking into coding understand the different jobs a coding bootcamp can help you get.

What is Coding Used For? 

Coding is used to communicate instructions to computers, websites, apps, and other technology like smart devices. Like humans, there are lots of different languages technology can speak. One of the reasons coders are so valuable in the job market is they can serve as translators, helping two pieces of tech that speak different languages work together. 

Each line of code represents a different instruction that is being given to the tech. That might be something like “display a green button that is a certain size,” or it might be the instructions for where to take the user after they click the button. Or, your work might not have anything to do with the users at all, and instead tell a database what to do with information to keep it secure and accessible.

How is Coding Different than Software Design or Programming?

Some people use the words “coding” and “programming” interchangeably, but coding is just one practical part of programming. Coders take the requirements for the software or website that are written in human language and translate them into code. They may work closely with teams of programmers who are testing the code, debugging it, and installing it in the system or on the web (deployment). The title “software developer” is often used interchangeably with programmer since these professionals can test the code and make it real in addition to the act of writing code itself. 

Coders also work closely with designers in areas like user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) to understand what directions they need to code. On the flip side, UX/UI designers know a lot about design, but they may not know anything at all about writing code. 

Coders can become designers or software developers along their career path, but they certainly don’t have to in order to make good money and fill a vital role in today’s tech-reliant world. It’s enough to speak a coding language and do it well.

What Are Some Computer Coding Jobs?

If you want to learn a coding language and earn great money working remotely, here are some of the job titles and duties you can expect to encounter:

    • Web Developers work with languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to tell a website or app how to function. 
    • Front End Developers are specific types of web developers focused on coding the elements of software that we see, click, and fill out.
    • Back End Developers are specific types of web developers focused on connecting the user interface to the server that powers the functionality.
    • Full Stack Software Developers work with both the front end and back end of a website, meaning they often tackle planning and building a website or app from beginning to end.
    • Python Developers speak the Python coding language, which makes them back end developers. These roles also carry out data analysis for fields like scientific research, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
    • Ruby Developers speak the Ruby coding language which is increasingly popular for creating mobile apps. 
    • Data Analysts use coding languages to help explore big sets of data and draw out conclusions to support real-world action.
    • Software Engineers might create software using code, but they also evaluate, improve, and secure the computer system environment where the software exists. 

These are just some of the roles that make coding skills highly in-demand for employers. In 2019, there were almost 214,000 coding jobs in the United States. However, it’s also projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the number of jobs for coders and programmers will decline by around 9% by 2029, a loss of around 20,000 jobs.  

That might sound like a lot but compared to other industries where robots are poised to take over as many as 40% of the jobs in the same time frame, it’s still a great outlook. 

However, to stay competitive it’s important to skill up quickly and start developing real-life experience. Coding bootcamps are a great way to develop basic coding skills, or to develop proficiency in the newest languages that are always coming on the market.

What Coding Jobs Pay the Most?

The average starting salary for a coder is around $50,000 a year, but this number is also greatly impacted by the number of programming languages you know. The more practiced and specialized you become, the faster your salary will go up. The average salary for a computer programmer in 2019 was $86,550, reflecting how quickly the pay scale goes up as you climb the ranks. Let’s revisit our list above to see which entry-level coding careers have the highest salary, according to Indeed:

  • Average Entry Level Web Developer Salary: $57,341 
  • Average Entry Level Front End Developer Salary: $63,761
  • Average Entry Level Back End Developer Salary: $70,043
  • Average Entry Level Python Developer Salary: $69,745
  • Average Entry Level Ruby Developer Salary: $52,874
  • Average Entry Level Data Analyst Salary: $59,749

While you might want to base your career decision on the highest entry level salary, it’s important to know that some of these salaries rise quicker than others. While the Ruby Developer starting salary is lower than others, experienced coders in this language can quickly make six figures if they gain a reputation for helping companies develop amazing apps. Like every other career field, your salary in coding will be most impacted by the work ethic, talent, and vision that you bring to the table. 

Launch Your Coding Career at Eleven Fifty Academy

Do coders make good money? Absolutely! Do they work in a rewarding industry making a difference in people’s lives every day? That’s a yes, too! No matter if your interest is in healthcare, social justice, transportation, fashion, marketing, or any other industry, there is not a single one that isn’t relying on coders to get their work done. 

At Eleven Fifty we believe in affordable, targeted education that empowers each of our students to learn the skills they need to self-direct in the career of their dreams. We don’t waste time with electives or too much high-level discussion. Our coding bootcamp puts students to work from day one developing the habits and best practices that will help them succeed as professional coders. We connect you with the mentors that can guide your way and help you complete impressive projects that will make your portfolio stand out in the application pool. Learn more about us by connecting with an admissions expert or consider attending a class for free to see for yourself.