Coding Bootcamp in Gary, Indiana

Launching a new career in tech is a great option if you’re ready for a professional change, especially for those who have an interest in computer science. There are a number of paths to learn coding skills, but one of the best options is attending one of Eleven Fifty Academy’s coding courses.

Eleven Fifty Academy offers courses for students in Gary and Northwest Indiana online coding courses in web development, software development, cybersecurity, and UI/UX design

Life after school: What are my career prospects in Gary, IN?

Once you become proficient after your immersive bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to work with the Eleven Fifty Academy Career Services Team to get connected to local tech employers in Northwest Indiana and greater Chicago.

Who are the top tech companies in Gary?

Your options for employment in Gary are promising, as a number of tech companies are basing their operations there. Impact Networking is one such employer, offering services including cybersecurity and web development in tech centers across the country.

Another local tech business is Riddell Technologies, a cybersecurity-focused company operating out of Gary. If you’re hoping to become a web developer, DataMine is actively growing its team and making waves in Gary’s tech scene. 

If you’re interested in building a startup, organizations such as The Stage Small Business Incubator Gary offer resources and support.

What are my salary prospects after a coding bootcamp?

Many new tech grads can expect a competitive salary right out of the gates. Job placement rates are impressive for Eleven Fifty grads, as is the earning potential. 

Entry-level web developers earn an average of $52,968, with mid-level salaries coming in at an average of $68,490 in Gary and the greater Chicago area. Entry-level software developers make an average of $62,133, while mid-level developers make an average of $78,192 per year.

The average salary of a UX designer in the Chicago area is $79,157 and entry-level positions average out to be $65,525 per year. UI designers earn slightly less at an average of $79,157 for mid-level, and $65,525 per year for entry-level jobs.

Cybersecurity graduates in Gary can expect mid-level job salaries around $82,629 per year, with entry-level job salaries around $72,236. 

Eleven Fifty’s Career Services Team is here to help you connect with tech companies. The team helps place 80% of new grads in entry-level jobs earning an average starting salary $55,000 within 50 days of graduation. 

What online bootcamps are offered by Eleven Fifty?

One of the perks of joining an online coding course at Eleven Fifty is flexibility. The cybersecurity, web development, and software development classes are all offered on a part-time or full-time basis, and the UX/UI design course is flexible to meet your needs.

Under normal circumstances, we have in-person learning at our Indianapolis and Fishers locations, but currently, all of our courses are offered online. Let’s take a closer look at the online options you have as a student in Gary, IN.

UX/UI design 

This 8-week bootcamp teaches students foundational and functional UX and UI design skills. UX means user experience, the part of web design in which designers create intuitive and responsive websites or mobile applications. UI stands for user interface, and primarily involves creating the graphic design elements including navigation buttons, images, and color schemes.

Web development

Web development is a popular course option for students who want to become coding wizards.From learning foundational markup languages HTML and CSS to going deeper with programming languages such as Python and Java, web development bootcamp students come away from the program with strong coding skills for front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development.

Software development

Another great coding bootcamp to consider is software development. Students in this course learn to become Microsoft .NET software developers and come away with portfolios that will help land them their first job in the industry. 

Cybersecurity bootcamp

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields of computer science, making it a good choice for students keen to enter an exciting industry. Eleven Fifty’s cybersecurity bootcamp will help lay the groundwork for a robust career in information security, helping students learn fundamental skills while also practicing real-world cyber attack prevention in the cyber range. 

How much is tuition for Eleven Fifty?

If you want to change careers and start earning a higher salary quickly, an Eleven Fifty bootcamp is a great option. Not only does it take mere months to finish your studies, but it’s also a fraction of the cost of a four-year degree.

Eleven Fifty’s UX/UI Design courses are 8 weeks long and cost $5,000. The popular software and web development courses at Eleven Fifty cost $13,500, and can be done in 12 or 26 weeks. Cybersecurity courses are a bit more at $18,000, and take 14 or 26 weeks to complete.

If you need help paying for the cost of tuition, you’re in luck: Many students can pre-qualify for financial aid. Speak to a financial aid advisor to learn about student loans, scholarships, and payment plans to help cover the cost of your program.

For more information about Eleven Fifty, you can read reviews online, or take a free coding bootcamp to learn more about the program. 

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