Coding Bootcamp in Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you’re considering a career in the tech industry, it can be hard to know where to start. 

Learning to code can be like learning a foreign language: While it can be self-taught at home with will power and perseverance, it’s far better to fully immerse yourself in the culture of it. This is where coding courses come in. 

Eleven Fifty Academy offers students in Fort Wayne area online coding courses in web development, software development, cybersecurity, and UI/UX design. These immersive bootcamps can take total coding newbies and turn them into programming wizards in a matter of months. 

We’ve committed to making coding bootcamps accessible to skilled workers in Fort Wayne. In 2021, Eleven Fifty partnered with Elevate Ventures and the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership to provide tuition assistance for students in Fort Wayne.

No matter if you want to learn how to make mobile apps and websites or you have more interest in the front-end user interface (UI) side of development, Eleven Fifty can help you launch your new career and join the tech industry in Fort Wayne in less than a year.

Beyond the classroom: What are my job prospects in Fort Wayne, IN?

After your immersive course at Eleven Fifty, you’ll be unleashed into the steadily growing tech community in Fort Wayne. Eleven Fifty students have the added bonus of mentorship and guidance from the Career Services Team, who can help connect new grads to employers in the Fort Wayne tech ecosystem. 

A look at top tech businesses in Fort Wayne

Fortunately for graduates in Fort Wayne, there are well-established companies and tech startups in the area.

Just outside Fort Wayne, Reusser Design is a growing tech startup that consists of designers, developers, and strategists. Their award-winning team creates everything from websites to mobile apps and games.

Other prominent tech companies include 3R Interactive, which specializes in UX/UI design, and Accent Consulting, a cybersecurity and software development firm that serves various industries including agriculture, manufacturing, finance, and engineering. 

And in February 2021, online contact lens platform LensQuote announced its establishing its new headquarters in Fort Wayne, bringing 23 jobs by 2024.

What salary can I earn after taking a coding bootcamp?

Along with being one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, computer programming is also among the highest-earning. Salaries in tech are competitive across the board, whether you choose to become a UX designer or a full stack web developer. Not only are job placement rates promising, but average salaries are encouraging even for entry-level positions.

The average salary of a UX designer is $85,277; entry-level positions average out to be $63,000 per year. UI designers earn slightly less at a national average of $83,837 for mid-level, and $50,000 for entry-level jobs.

Cybersecurity professionals in Fort Wayne can expect mid-level job salaries around $64,814 per year, with entry-level job salaries around $51,000. Web developers earn an average of $54,272 in Fort Wayne, and software developers come in at about $61,635 per year.

For new grads entering the field of software development, average salaries for mid-level positions are around $61,635, while entry-level positions earn about $53,000 per year. 

What courses are offered at Eleven Fifty?

The online coding course offerings at Eleven Fifty are varied and flexible. Whether you’re a recent high school grad ready to jump straight into an immersive bootcamp or you’re a parent juggling another job and family duties, there are full- and part-time courses designed to help you begin your new career.

Under normal circumstances, we have in-person learning at our Indianapolis and Fishers locations, but now all of our courses are offered online.

Cybersecurity bootcamp

For prospective students interested in the field of information security, Eleven Fifty offers a cybersecurity bootcamp for both part- and full-time students. The course covers everything from foundational cybersecurity skills to real-world experience in the cyber range, learning to conduct, monitor, stop, and prevent cyber attacks.

UX/UI design 

If you have an interest in website and mobile app design, you may want to consider a career in UX or UI design. UX means user experience, and refers to the ‘feel’ of a website, while UI, or user interface, is all about the ‘look’. 

As a UX design student, you’ll learn how to create intuitive websites and applications that are easy to use. UI design will teach you how to make those websites come to life with seamless navigation, aesthetically pleasing color schemes, and delightful layouts. 

Web development

For the student who wants to take a deep dive into learning everything about coding, Eleven Fifty’s web development course is a great investment. Learning to code can be tricky, and students who enroll in the course get one-on-one mentorship as they move through basic markup languages HTML and CSS before digging deeper into other languages such as JavaScript and Python.

Software development

If you want to learn to code but you’re more interested in software creation, you may want to consider Eleven Fifty’s software development bootcamp. In the immersive part- or full-time course, you’ll learn how to become a Microsoft .NET software developer. 

Along with learning fundamentals and practicing your knowledge in ongoing projects, you’ll get the chance to put together a portfolio of your work which will help you land your first job as a software developer in the Fort Wayne tech scene.

What does it cost to attend coding bootcamp?

Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on a university degree that takes years to complete, Eleven Fifty Academy students gain entry-level skills after just a few months and a fraction of the cost of college tuition. 

Software and web development courses at Eleven Fifty cost $13,500, and can be done in 12 or 26 weeks. Cybersecurity courses are $18,000, and take 14 or 26 weeks to complete. The flexible UX/UI Design courses are 8 weeks long and cost $5,000.

Eleven Fifty offers financial aid for students. Many students pre-qualify for financial aid in the form of student loans, scholarships, and payment plans to help cover the costs. Speak to a financial aid advisor to learn about your options.

Upon graduating, the Career Services Team is here to help you connect with employers. The job placement rates should be reassuring to prospective students. The Career Services Team helps place 80% of new grads in entry-level jobs earning an average starting salary $55,000 within 50 days of graduation. 

If you want to learn more about Eleven Fifty from past students, you can find reviews online. And if you’re still on the fence, consider attending a free coding bootcamp to learn more about our course offerings.

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