Coding Bootcamp for Evansville, IN

When you’ve made up your mind to start a career in tech, attending an immersive coding bootcamp is a great way to get a foot in the door. Eleven Fifty Academy’s coding courses can fast-track your dreams of landing a job in Evansville, helping you secure an entry-level position in less than a year.

Eleven Fifty Academy is excited to be serving the Evansville area with online courses in web development, software development, cybersecurity, and UI/UX design

We’ve long been committed to the Evansville area. In 2020, we partnered with Elevate Southwest Indiana and Vectren to provide funds for tuition assistance to Evansville area students.

What courses are offered at Eleven Fifty Academy?

Currently, all of Eleven Fifty’s bootcamp courses are available online to students in Evansville. Under normal circumstances, we have in-person learning at our Indianapolis and Fishers locations

There are numerous computer programming and online coding courses to choose from at Eleven Fifty to get you started in your new career in tech. 

UX/UI Design 

For the creatives out there, consider enrolling in the UX/UI Design Class. UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are vital pieces of the puzzle for website creation: UX designers create intuitive website framework, while UI designers create the graphic elements that bring applications to life. This course is 8 weeks long and operates on a flexible schedule, which is great for students who are juggling other life responsibilities while studying.


If you’re interested in the field of information security, Eleven Fifty’s Cybersecurity Course is perfect for preparing you to monitor, identify, and resolve cyber attacks. During the course, students spend time in the cyber range, which gives real-world experience in fighting cyber crime. You can take this course on a part-time or full-time basis in 14 or 26 weeks.

Web development

Eleven Fifty’s Web Development Course prepares students to launch a career as a back-end, front-end, or full-stack web developer. Both the part-time and full-time courses start with the basics of markup languages HTML and CSS, laying the groundwork for learning how to code.

The course then takes you through more coding languages such as JavaScript, and will help you build a portfolio and become job-ready

Software development

The Software Development Course at Eleven Fifty will prepare you to become a Microsoft .NET software developer. As you learn the fundamentals of coding and the .NET framework, you’ll also create a portfolio of your work that you can use when it comes time to look for your first job. 

What is my career outlook in Evansville, IN?

New graduates from Eleven Fifty in Evansville have an advantage when it comes to job searching: There are a number of new startups and established tech firms in Evansville.

One of the top tech firms in Evansville is Curvo Labs, which helps improve healthcare supply chains. Another notable firm is Heliponix, which creates GroPod devices for growing veggies at home. Indiana has been recognized for its impressive growth in the tech sector: For example, Indianapolis ranks in the top 10 markets for future tech growth. 

As you start your job search, keep in mind that the Career Services Team at Eleven Fifty is here to help. Eleven Fifty’s job placement rates should be encouraging as you begin to look for jobs: About 80% of graduates find jobs within 50 days of finishing their programs. The average salaries for Eleven Fifty grads are also impressive, at $55,000 for entry-level jobs.

How much can I earn once I finish my bootcamp?

Once you complete your studies at Eleven Fifty, your earning potential is competitive from day one. Let’s take a closer look at salaries in Evansville for professionals in UX/UI design, cybersecurity, web development, and software development. 

According to Glassdoor, both UX and UI designers living in Evansville can expect an entry-level salary of $56,774; at mid-level, salaries jump to an average of $67,981. Cybersecurity analysts in Evansville can expect mid-level job salaries around $62,723 per year, with entry-level job salaries around $55,502. 

For entry-level web developers, average salaries are $42,568, with mid-level salaries coming in at an average of $54,552 in Evansville. Entry-level software developers make an average of $48,465; mid-level developers make an average of $56,252 per year.

How much does it cost to attend one of Eleven Fifty’s bootcamps?

Tuition for a bootcamp is often far more affordable than earning a degree from a four-year school, and the time it takes to be job-ready is significantly shorter. Eleven Fifty’s bootcamps are designed to get you ready to jump into your new career in just a matter of months.

Tuition for the web and software development bootcamps at Eleven Fifty cost $13,500 and take 12 or 26 weeks to complete. The cybersecurity course is $18,000 and is 14 or 26 weeks long, while the flexible UX/UI design course is $5,000 and is 8 weeks long.

As you do your research, be sure to read reviews from past Eleven Fifty students and look into some of the free classes offered to prospective students:

Most students are on some form of tuition assistance: connect with Eleven Fifty’s admissions team to determine if you pre-qualify for financial aid. There are options ranging from scholarships to student loans and even payment plans to help you cover the costs of the program. 

No need for a bachelor’s degree in computer science to fulfill your career goals as a web developer. And no need to move to New York or Silicon Valley to find a great job. Learn more and apply today!

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