Cleveland Web Development Classes

A new career in web development might seem daunting, but an immersive coding course can give you the skills you need in as little as 12 weeks. Web development bootcamps offered by Eleven Fifty Academy make it possible to gain entry-level skills with one-on-one mentorship and become job ready in under a year.

We offer students in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio courses in web development that provide immersive learning and program development. Unlike other programs, our bootcamps provide the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and career services, helping you build connections before you even finish the course.

What’s the best course for web development?

Eleven Fifty Academy offers web development bootcamps designed for both part-time and full-time students. You’ll learn the basics of web design in an immersive, expert-designed curriculum, and learn how to program web pages, develop full-stack applications, and learn modern frameworks.

Online courses are available for the web development bootcamp, which makes it easy to enroll in either 12- or 26-week bootcamps, depending on your availability. Under normal circumstances, we have onsite coding bootcamps at our Indianapolis and Fishers locations. 

How do you become a certified web developer?

Any certification comes with hard work, but Eleven Fifty’s program recognizes success in stages. Whether you’re in a full-time 12-week program or opt for a part-time program, the instructors in Cleveland are prepared to help you learn everything you need to know in order to make your mark on the Forest City.

Mastering the basics

First, you’ll focus on the basics of your programming language. This foundation will prepare you for more advanced projects throughout the course. You may come into the program with prerequisites, such as Python, but our review of the curriculum will help you develop a portfolio and prepare for your future career as a coder.

You’ll learn:

Expand your knowledge

Next, you will dive deeper into your language. Projects and labs are designed to give you even more coding experience as you design web applications. During this phase, we also encourage peer or pair programming, so students can work with each other to build out their solutions.

You’ll learn: 

  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Web applications and responsive websites
  • User experience
  • Career prep

Polish your skills

In the final phase, you will have a clear idea of where your strengths lie and know what excites you about web development. You might find your passion for HTML5, or find that you prefer to focus on jQuery. We’ll cover some crucial information you need to become a professional web developer, and the instructors will help you finalize your portfolio so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

You’ll learn:

  • Full-stack projects
  • Team coding
  • Project management

How long does it take to learn web development?

Students who enroll in Eleven Fifty’s bootcamps can get the skills for a career in web development in a 12-week full-time program. Can you imagine having the training you need for a new career in just three months?

Everyone should have the chance to learn, so even though our program can be completed in three months, we know that not all of our students can commit to a full-time course load. The part-time web development course offers more flexibility, and it still can be completed in a 26-week program. A new career in six months––not bad!

After ElevenFifty Academy: Web Development Careers in Cleveland

The tech industry in Cleveland is growing steadily, with job options running the gamut of computer science fields including software engineering and data science. If you’re looking to get the skills you need to work for a tech company in Northeast Ohio, look no further than Eleven Fifty Academy.

How much do web developers earn in Cleveland?

Web developers in the Cleveland area can earn anywhere from $33,000 to $100,000, and experience and position can play a factor. Bootcamps prepare students for roles in front-end web development, back-end web development, and can also provide specialized knowledge that helps with app building or software development. 

Like many jobs in the tech industry, web developers find it easy to work from anywhere, so remote work jobs are abundant within many companies.

Who’s hiring web developers in Cleveland?

Some of the most notable tech firms in Cleveland that are hiring web developers include OAREX, Complion, and startups including Heureka Software, MedPilot, and Axuall. 

In addition to the main players in the tech industry, Cleveland-area employers including Progressive, Case Western Reserve University, Sherwin-Williams, Lincoln Electric, and Lubrizol are all hiring for various coding jobs. There are even jobs in the healthcare industry for web developers.

If you’re looking for the right position, you can find startup support from incubators like the Northeast Ohio Startup Network.

Your job search can be significantly improved with the help of the Career Services Team at Eleven Fifty. With their help, an average of 80% of graduates have found work within two months of finishing their studies.

Why choose our coding course?

Coding bootcamps are designed to be a hands-on, interactive way for those considering web development to get the skills they need to enter the workforce. Be a part of Cleveland’s rust belt renewal when you learn from one of the best coding bootcamps online. 

To help you decide if Eleven Fifty Academy is for you, read reviews online and consider taking one of Eleven Fifty’s free classes:

  • Intro to Coding Course (Free)
  • Cybersecurity Course (Free)
  • UX/UI Design Course (Free)
  • HTML & CSS For Beginners Course (Free)

As you do your research, you can also find out if you can pre-qualify for financial aid. Many students get tuition assistance in the form of student loans, scholarships, and payment plans. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about enrollment for our full-time and part-time web development programs.

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