Coding Bootcamp for Cleveland, OH

Starting a new career in tech can be challenging if you’re starting from scratch. While it’s possible to learn to code on your own, there are many benefits to taking an immersive coding course such as those offered by Eleven Fifty Academy: You’ll gain entry-level skills with one-on-one mentorship and be job-ready in under a year.

Eleven Fifty Academy is excited to offer students in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio with online courses in web development, software development, cybersecurity, and UI/UX design

What types of bootcamps does Eleven Fifty offer?

All of Eleven Fifty Academy’s bootcamps are available online, making it easy for students to join a part-time or full-time course without uprooting their lives. Under normal circumstances, we have in-person coding bootcamps at our Indianapolis and Fishers locations

Several online coding courses are being offered at Eleven Fifty Academy; read on to learn about the options available to students in Cleveland.

Software development

Eleven Fifty’s immersive Software Development Course (Full-Time) will give you the skills to become a Microsoft .NET software developer. During the full-time or part-time course, you’ll become well-versed in coding and .NET framework and will create a personal portfolio that will help you land a job when you finish your studies.

Web development

The Web Development Course at Eleven Fifty is perfect for students who are keen to learn how to become a programmer in record time. You can enroll in web development on a part-time or full-time basis and will receive ongoing guidance and mentorship throughout your studies. You’ll start out learning the basics of HTML and CSS and will then go deeper into programming languages such as Python and JavaScript. 

Students who complete the web development course go on to work as back-end, front-end, and full-stack web developers.


Information security is a rapidly growing field, making the Cybersecurity Course at Eleven Fifty a great course for prospective students looking for a fast-track program to enter an expanding industry. The cybersecurity part-time or full-time bootcamp teaches students how to monitor, prevent, identify, and resolve cyber attacks through real-world experience in the cyber range. 

You’ll come out of the course ready to jump into an entry-level job as a cybersecurity analyst, earning a competitive salary with excellent job advancement opportunities. 

UX/UI Design 

If you have an eye for design and want to create intuitive and beautiful websites, the UX/UI Design Class could be a great option. UX means user experience, while UI refers to user interface. Both are necessary for web application development: UX designers lay the groundwork for intuitive and responsive websites, while UI designers fill in the gaps with visual elements such as color schemes and images. 

Life after a bootcamp: What are my job prospects in Cleveland, OH?

The tech industry in Cleveland is growing steadily, with job options running the gamut of computer science fields. Let’s take a closer look at tech companies that base their offices in Northeast Ohio.

Tech startups and firms in Cleveland, OH

One of the most notable tech firms in Cleveland is OAREX, founded in 2013, offering digital revenue exchange services for online businesses. Another highly regarded and well-established firm is Complion, which is a workflow platform for clinical research sites. 

Other firms and startups to look into in Cleveland include data storage company Heureka Software, the healthcare tech firm MedPilot, and infosec startup Axuall. And don’t forget established Cleveland-area employers including Progressive, Case Western Reserve University, Sherwin-Williams, Lincoln Electric, and Lubrizol—all hiring for various coding jobs.

You can find startup support from incubators like the Northeast Ohio Startup Network.

Your job search can be significantly improved with the help of the Career Services Team at Eleven Fifty. Fortunately for new grads, Eleven Fifty’s job placement rates are impressive: An average of 80% of graduates are able to find work within two months of finishing their studies. The average salary for a new grad from Eleven Fifty is $55,000.

What are my salary prospects after attending an Eleven Fifty bootcamp?

Graduates from Eleven Fifty have promising salary prospects, and Cleveland’s growing tech scene makes it a great place to start your career.

According to Glassdoor, both UX and UI designers living in Cleveland can expect an entry-level salary of $57,599; at mid-level, salaries jump to an average of $69,033. Cybersecurity analysts in Cleveland can expect mid-level job salaries around $69,732 per year, with entry-level job salaries around $61,468. 

For entry-level web developers, average salaries are $46,493, with mid-level salaries coming in at an average of $59,748 in Cleveland. Entry-level software developers make an average of $56,258; mid-level developers make an average of $66,533 per year.

What is the tuition for an Eleven Fifty bootcamp?

If you’re concerned about the costs of going back to school, attending a bootcamp is a better option than going to a four-year college or university. Eleven Fifty’s bootcamps will get you ready to enter a new career in a fraction of the time it would take you to finish a bachelor’s degree, making it a great choice if you’re looking to change careers quickly.

The web and software development bootcamps at Eleven Fifty cost $13,500 and take 12 or 26 weeks to complete. The cybersecurity course is $18,000 and takes 14 or 26 weeks to finish, while the flexible UX/UI design course is $5,000 and is 8 weeks long.

As you do your research, it’s a great idea to find out if you can pre-qualify for financial aid. Many students get tuition assistance in the form of student loans, scholarships, and payment plans—be sure to chat with the financial aid department at Eleven Fifty to see what type of aid is right for you.

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