Coding Bootcamp for Bloomington, IN

Entering the tech industry is a great option if you’re ready to change careers and join a growing industry. Tech jobs are flourishing around the country, and Bloomington, Indiana, is seeing its own tech boom as new startups add jobs on a regular basis. 

While it’s possible to teach yourself some tech skills and get a foot in the door, it’s a far better option to enroll in a coding course such as those offered at Eleven Fifty Academy. You will come away with enough skills to enter the tech workforce in just a matter of months.

Eleven Fifty Academy is excited to be serving the Bloomington, Indiana area with immersive bootcamps in web development, software development, cybersecurity, and UI/UX design

What are my options at Eleven Fifty?

Whether you have your heart set on becoming a cybersecurity analyst or you’re keen to learn how to build a beautiful website, a bootcamp at Eleven Fifty can help you gain the skills you need to make an exciting career change. 

Under normal circumstances, we have in-person learning at our Indianapolis and Fishers locations, but currently, all of our courses are offered online. Here’s a look at some of the online coding courses offered at Eleven Fifty Academy.

Web development

One of the most popular courses at Eleven Fifty is the web development course, which will provide you with the coding skills necessary to build websites and become a full-fledged website and mobile application developer. 

In this part-time or full-time course, you’ll learn how to use foundational markup languages HTML and CSS and learn other common programming languages such as Java and Python. You’ll also get started on building a portfolio, which will help you land a job as a back-end, front-end, or full-stack web developer.

Software development

If you’re more interested in how software programs are created, Eleven Fifty’s software development course could be perfect for you. In a matter of months, you’ll learn to become a Microsoft .NET software developer. 

UX/UI design 

Have a love for tech and an eye for design?. Then the UX/UI design course is a great option. UX is user experience—this is the portion of website design that lays responsive frameworks that help guide the next phases of development. UI refers to the user interface, which deals with the visual elements of a website such as color schemes, images, and navigation icons.


One of the more intensive courses at Eleven Fifty is the cybersecurity bootcamp. Here, you’ll learn how to become an expert at detecting information security breaches by spending time in a cyber range, a real-world cyber-attack training program. You’ll gain skills in monitoring, identifying, preventing, and resolving cybercrime in this immersive program. 

What’s next? A look at the tech scene in Bloomington, IN

Your experience at Eleven Fifty will help you launch your career in Bloomington, and the Career Services Team will be there to encourage networking and guide your first job search. Your job prospects in Bloomington are excellent. The city has seen an explosion of tech companies in the past few years. 

The growth has prompted the city of Bloomington to pursue the creation of a technology hub in the downtown area to help promote further support for tech firms in the coming years. If federal funding is approved, the city plans to build a three-story, 30,000-square-foot building with office spaces and shared amenities for tech startups and firms.

For those looking to get involved in the startup community, The Mill is the anchor of Bloomington’s startup ecosystem, which partners with the city and Indiana University.

What are the best tech companies in Bloomington?

Living in Bloomington means you have a number of promising startups and established tech firms to pursue your first job. Some of the more notable companies include Civic Champs, a volunteer management firm that was founded in 2019 and recently lauded for their effective mobile app that helps volunteers and nonprofits connect and manage projects.

Other companies worth mentioning include Ziptility, designed to help utility crews easily manage infrastructure data and projects, and Sprout Box, a team of coders that help entrepreneurs launch their businesses. There are dozens of tech companies in Bloomington; have a look at the Bloomington Tech website for the full list of varied startups and established firms.

Along with having plenty of employment options upon graduation, you’ll get post-grad support from Eleven Fifty’s Career Services Team, which has an impressive track record for job placement rates. Eleven Fifty helps place 80% of graduates in jobs within 50 days of completing the program and with an average starting salary of $55,000 per year. 

What salary can I earn after graduation?

The average salary of a UX designer in the Bloomington area is $67,625; entry-level positions average out to be $56,476 per year. UI designers earn slightly less at an average of $67,625 for mid-level, and $56,476 per year for entry-level jobs.

Entry-level web developers earn an average of $42,370, with mid-level salaries coming in at an average of $54,288 in Bloomington. Entry-level software developers make an average of $59,630; mid-level developers make an average of $69,717 per year.

Cybersecurity graduates in Bloomington can expect mid-level job salaries around $64,846 per year, with entry-level job salaries around $51,160. 

What is the cost of tuition at Eleven Fifty?

One of the best parts of a bootcamp education is the quick turnaround time. You’ll earn your certification in just a few months and can be working in your new career in less than a year. It’s also far less expensive than a four-year degree, making it a great option if you want to change careers fast and not spend a bundle on tuition.

Eleven Fifty’s part-time and full-time web and software development courses cost $13,500 and can be finished in 12 or 26 weeks. The cybersecurity bootcamp is $18,000, and can also be done on a part- or full-time basis in 14 or 26 weeks. The UX/UI design bootcamp is a flexible course, lasting 8 weeks and costing $5,000.

Tuition assistance is available to students. Most of Eleven Fifty’s student body pre-qualifies for financial aid. To learn about your options, connect with our financial aid team to see if you qualify for student loans, scholarships, or payment plans. 

If you want to hear about past students’ experiences at Eleven Fifty, check out reviews online, or consider enrolling in a free coding bootcamp to learn more about the academy. 

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