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As every market and industry sector progresses, we’re finding more and more that technology is the future. Devices are becoming increasingly connected. Programs are becoming more complicated. And, there’s a growing talent gap. It’s estimated by 2020 there will be more than 1,000,000 open computing jobs. Sounds great for the economy. The downside is there will only be 400,000 computer science students. If your business has a coder, you’ll need to hold onto them. If you don’t have a coder and you rely on technology or you’re company plans on staying competitive in future markets, you need to add a coder to your team.

Coders are trained to be continuous learners, so they are constantly improving.

In order to be a successful coder, you have to continue to learn, adapt, and develop your skills. Understanding that there’s probably a better way to program something or that you might improve your skills through practice makes someone a great coder. This commitment to lifelong learning, means a coder is always improving. When you have someone on your team who is always getting better, always learning, you can expect to see tangible results. Whether they are developing your website or they are a crucial member of your software development team, a coder never stops learning.

Coders develop better processes because of their innovative nature.

The dedication and determination that goes into coding an entire program takes skill, knowledge, and training. It’s those three elements that lead a coder to be innovative. In order to write a line of code in the most practical and functional way, a coder must approach the project and situation with an eye for innovation. This innovative nature also influences other aspects of the way a coder works. Because they are always on the path to innovation, they work to solve problems and find solutions, which ultimately leads to better processes. Your business benefits because a coder can see issues and situations from a unique perspective and will aid your organization in developing and bettering internal processes.

Coders bring efficiency to the workplace and increase production levels.

Along with being innovative, a coder, by nature, is efficient. Coders are constantly looking for the most efficient, easiest, and practical way to write a line of code. If a single line will accomplish the same function or solution as 200 lines, a skilled coder will use the single line because it’s quicker to write, accomplishes the job, and makes it easier to follow. Their use of efficiency isn’t limited to writing code, either. A coder, typically, allows efficiency to run their lives. Constantly on the look out for “hacks,” coders want to make everything simple. By doing this in a work environment, they increase production levels and make time for more tasks.

Adding a coder or a team of coders to your business will result in real benefits that can propel your company forward in almost any industry. Whether you’re a startup developing an IoT based product or you’re a restaurant group looking to develop and maintain a custom mobile app, coders are one of the most important resources of the future. Program development and maintenance will be crucial to the success of businesses within virtually every industry. You don’t want to be left behind.

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