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Transforming your career is possible for anyone across the nation now that our bootcamps and programs are available online! Eleven Fifty Academy was already exploring the option of having online bootcamps and programs before the pandemic. Once COVID 19 hit, we adapted quickly and all of our courses were made available online in just 72 hours! Eleven Fifty Academy is happy to make our programs available to everyone online and will continue to provide online courses after the pandemic is over.

Online Bootcamps and Programs

All Eleven Fifty programs, including Web Development, Software Development, UX/UI Design, and Cyber Security are now available online for anyone and everyone! When making the transition to online bootcamps and programs, it was important to us to keep the same immersive atmosphere and provide quality curriculum and instruction for students. Eleven Fifty students and instructors are thriving in the virtual space and we are making improvements every day to enhance the online bootcamp experience!

How to Get Started!

  1. The first way to get started is to attend one or all of our free online courses to see which area of tech is right for you! FREE COURSES
  2. Second, fill out our short application! This gives our team your basic info and what program you might be interested in. APPLY NOW
Online Bootcamp 101: Tips for Success

Online Bootcamp 101: Tips for Success

  Transitioning to remote learning, especially when you’re used to a traditional bootcamp experience, can feel daunting. “I was nervous,” says Daniel Beaver, an Eleven Fifty Web Development student. “Learning in a classroom was easy; the environment felt just like the classrooms I had spent so many years in before. Home is a different story.”  […]

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Online Coding Bootcamp

Does Eleven Fifty Academy offer online coding bootcamp scholarships?

Yes! We understand how many barriers there may be when it comes to starting or changing your career, or enhancing your skills for your current job. Luckily, 99% of students are eligible for financial assistance through scholarships, financial aid, and other programs. The best way to find out if you qualify is to meet with one of our helpful admissions advisors.


What career opportunities can I get from an online bootcamp?

Open the door to a world of new opportunities when you enhance your resume with courses from Eleven Fifty Academy. From job search to job placement, our career services team can help you accelerate in a new field. 

The Eleven Fifty Academy Alumni Network of students is proud to share their successes, from landing a lucrative front-end development position, to increasing their salary by 50%. Whether you’re looking to become a web developer, software engineer, or cybersecurity expert, our courses are designed to transform your career and life in less than six months.

Bootcamp graduates are eager to offer students words of wisdom from their experiences, and share how their education changed their career path.

How long are the Eleven Fifty Academy programs?

Full-time students can enroll in bootcamps that last 5 to 15 weeks. Part-time students are enrolled in programs that last 9 to 26 weeks.

In six months or less, you can learn JavaScript, CSS, HTML, .NET, and SQL, in our immersive coding bootcamps, or Network+, Security+ and other security measures in our immersive cybersecurity bootcamps. Our courses will also help enhance your problem-solving skills and help gain a new understanding of data algorithms, structure, and security. Obtaining these new skills is key to changing your career or gaining a promotion.

Which coding course is right for me?

With programs designed for first-time coders and advanced developers, Eleven Fifty Academy offers countless options for those looking to enhance their coding skills or pick up a new programming language.

Our admissions advisers can provide upfront career coaching and help you learn more about course opportunities that will take your career to the next level.

To start, fill out the short application so the enrollment team has your information and a better understanding of what programs you might be interested in studying. From there, they’ll be in touch to answer all your questions.

What is the Eleven Fifty Academy curriculum?

Eleven Fifty Academy online courses are available as both full-time programs and part-time programs. Our full-stack training programs provide a quality curriculum and real-time one-on-one instruction for students.

Full-time courses:

Part-time courses:

The best way to get started is to attend a free online course to learn more about the wide variety of courses that Eleven Fifty Academy has to offer.

Why is Eleven Fifty Academy’s online program better than others?

Eleven Fifty Academy is a step ahead of other online coding bootcamps for programmers and software developers. Courses are designed to immerse the student in both front-end and back-end development. Students expand their web development skills and achieve new career path goals.

The best online coding bootcamps offer immersive experiences and real-world insight into careers. The online learning platform that our students use is thoughtfully designed and easy to follow whether you’re studying computer science, software engineering, or data analytics. 

Our one-on-one career coaching is also available to help students take the correct coursework to meet their individual goals.

What sets Eleven Fifty Academy apart from other online coding bootcamps?

Online coding bootcamps and programs make it easy to learn a new skill or enhance your existing knowledge of web development. Eleven Fifty Academy offers full-stack online programs for full-time and part-time students.

In addition to our online courses, Eleven Fifty Academy has physical campuses in Silicon Valley of the Midwest: Indianapolis and Fishers, Indiana.

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