Coding Bootcamp in Fishers, Indiana

Fishers, Indiana

As demand for Eleven Fifty’s coding programs became more popular, it became a perfect time to move to a location that provided the opportunity for classroom and curriculum expansion. The City of Fishers, Indiana, voted best city in the USA by Money Magazine, welcomed the academy with open arms into their quickly developing tech community.

Launch Fishers

Before expanding into Fishers, Eleven Fifty was located in the 1150 Mansion in Carmel Indiana (why we are named Eleven Fifty). The academy was rapidly growing and was in need of a bigger space for our students. Soon after, the academy landed in Fishers’ unique and expansive startup co- workspace and entrepreneurial incubator, Launch Fishers. The City of Fishers became the perfect fit for teaching, networking, and collaborating, and continues to be a community that fosters and thrives on the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in tech.

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Coding Bootcamp in Fishers, Indiana

How much will I earn after attending a coding bootcamp?

The average salary for a computer programmer in Indiana is between $57,000 – $75,000. Former students report an average of a 51 percent increase in salaries after completing the program. Job security is a major perk for many students; the tech industry has a history of consistent growth and is expected to increase 104% from 2018 – 2023.

Cybersecurity professionals are some of the highest-paid workers in the technology industry, with an average salary of about $102,000. Openings for information security analysts are projected to grow 33 percent from 2020 to 2030.

Why choose Eleven Fifty Academy?

One of the key reasons many students choose to enroll in a bootcamp are the strong job placement rates. On average, 83 percent of graduates report landing roles in their new career.

A significant perk of joining a bootcamp is the career guidance available: all Eleven Fifty students benefit from working with the Career Services team. Whether you’re interested in working in the nonprofit sector or for a startup, Career Services can help you find work as a software developer, web designer, or cybersecurity professional.

Course Report is one helpful resource for learning about Eleven Fifty’s courses. You can read about past students’ experiences in the course, from curriculum expectations to challenges and how they found their first job.

What coding bootcamps are offered in Fishers?

While the software development course is among the most popular course students take at the Fishers campus, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly more popular as the information security industry adds thousands of new jobs each year.

Software development bootcamp

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to design software programs, Eleven Fifty’s Software Development Course is a great option. The immersive bootcamp will teach students to become Microsoft .NET developers: the course will teach beginner coders the programming languages HTML and CSS to create full stack applications.

Cybersecurity bootcamp

If you’re interested in a career in information security, Eleven Fifty’s cybersecurity bootcamps are one of the fastest and most immersive options available. The curriculum in both the Cybersecurity Course (Full-Time) and Cybersecurity Course (Part-Time) will prepare students for landing entry-level cybersecurity jobs.

While the studies will be rigorous, the bootcamp is appropriate for absolute beginners: you’ll start with the basics and work toward the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certifications. You’ll also gain experience in the cyber range, which provides hands-on training in real-world cyber attack scenarios.

Why study coding in Fishers, Indiana?

If you’re considering a career in tech, you’re in the right place. Fishers has become a hub for Midwest tech companies and startups, with several local companies staking out a space for tech advancement and education. Fishers is home to the Indiana IoT Lab, a local incubator for the Internet of Things startups. Co-working space Launch Fishers—the Eleven Fifty Academy headquarters—helped plant the seed for the IoT Lab.

A few startups that have emerged from Launch Fishers include VendorJump, Ultimate Automation, and Sales Tuners. Local startups that have gained recognition in recent years include Flexware Innovation, Formstack, and Share Your Genius. Not to mention, Salesforce has its largest presence outside of San Francisco in Indianapolis.

Eleven Fifty Academy has bootcamp programs for cybersecurity and software development.

Many students are eligible for financial assistance—contact Eleven Fifty Academy and see if you pre-qualify for financial aid.

Why choose a bootcamp?

Have you always wanted to become a web developer, coder, or cybersecurity analyst? Luckily, you don’t need a four-year degree to reach that goal. Eleven Fifty Academy’s bootcamps in Fishers, Indiana will help you succeed in finding a tech job, whether it’s here in the Hoosier State or beyond.

As a non-profit academy, Eleven Fifty Academy offers courses on a part-time or full-time basis. Our part-time programs let students balance work and life throughout the course, providing flexibility for students who are changing careers to learn the skills necessary to land that high-paying job in the tech field.

To learn more about Eleven Fifty’s range of bootcamps, consider attending one of the following free courses:  Coding Course (Free)Cybersecurity Course (Free).

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