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Eleven Fifty is helping junior programmers develop the work experience they need to land the job.

Employees often avoid applying for a new job because, according to the job requirements, they lack the work experience needed to successfully fill the role. In the software engineering and programming industry, this issue is even more common. Employers often feel new hires need at least three years of experience before they can be successful junior level programmers or coders. The issue, though, is that you have to be hired before you can get experience. So, how do you gain the work experience you need when no one will hire you without the work experience?

Not All Experience Is Created Equal

The truth of the matter is that three years at one job may not be equivalent, in terms of relevancy, as three years at another job. For junior programmers, it comes down to having quality work experiences for your resume. At Eleven Fifty Academy, students enrolled in our SmartStart programs not only code applications in the classroom, but also have the opportunity to apply for pre-identified internships and apprenticeships with real employers for even more valuable experiences. Because we’ve built relationships with employers, our students have the opportunity to learn from doing. This opportunity often provides the experience needed to successfully launch your career in coding.

Practical Experience Versus Theoretical Experience

Another benefit of coding bootcamps like Eleven Fifty is the practical work experience offered to students. Because we don’t rely on books in our programs, students learn through practical experiences. We feel to be job ready, students must actually code, not just learn about the idea of coding. Because we provide practical experience opportunities in the classroom, our students have the ability to take an application through the entire product lifecycle. You’ll create the concept and application wireframes, build out the backend of the program, develop the frontend aesthetics, and even test the application to ensure it works properly.

Soft Skills Enhance Your Experience

As an Eleven Fifty student, you not only gain experience with the hard skills that employers are looking for, but you also gain soft skills that make you a more valuable employee. We work with students to develop and present portfolios, grow teamwork skills, and set realistic expectations. These skills, while not directly related to the ability to code, are directly related to a valuable employee. As a junior programmer, you’ll need to work with teams, set deadlines, and even present your work from time to time. Gaining those skills right along side with the ability to code means you’ll end the program being a well-rounded, versatile employee.

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