Posted on October 19th, 2021 in Corporate Continuing Education

Once you have entered the workforce, it can be easy to fall into a routine and become disengaged at work. In fact, Gallup found that the percentage of workers in the U.S. who say they are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace is now 34%, with the percentage of actively disengaged workers at 13%. This makes the current ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees 2.6-to-1, which is the highest ever in Gallup tracking. 

One way to combat disengagement is for employers to provide continuing education or for employees to seek out these opportunities on their own. Let’s take a look at what continuing education is and how a tech bootcamp is a great option for those exploring continuing education.

What does ‘continuing education courses’ mean?

A continuing education course or ‘skill up’ course is meant for professionals or post-college graduates who have entered the workforce to enhance existing skills or to learn new ones. Continuing education is an important way to keep employees engaged and happy, leading to a higher retention rate of workers.  

What is an example of continuing education?

There are many options for continuing education classes online, but a popular example is a certification course. This is an online or in-person course that allows learners to earn a specific certification in their industry. A great example is Eleven Fifty Academy’s 26-week Cyber Security Bootcamp. This course is part-time, fully online, and provides comprehensive training in recognizing, monitoring, and stopping cyber attacks. By the end of this course, learners will have earned two globally recognized certifications: CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+. 

Are continuing education classes worth it?

There are many continuing education resources out there, from free online professional development courses to paid tech bootcamps. No matter what option you choose, these classes have a myriad of benefits, including: 

Maintain/Expand Credentials

Holding up-to-date certifications is an important part of being a tech professional. A tech bootcamp can quickly help professionals stay current or gain additional certifications that are needed to maintain their tech skills. 

Increase Marketability & Advancement Opportunities

Workers who pursue continuing education set themselves ahead of others when it comes time for promotions. Investing time and money into improving employee skills will be rewarded—either at their current employer or for seeking more advanced work opportunities. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it is actually beneficial for employers to provide educational opportunities that make their employees desirable to other organizations. 

In fact, Amazon took this exact approach—they paid employees to take education courses that would allow them to get jobs at a different company, as well as building their own internal talent pipeline at the same time. The thought behind this is that workers are more engaged and happier when they are pursuing their dreams. Engaged and happy employees benefit everyone, and especially benefit the bottom line.  

Increase Salary Potential

A third party research firm found that 87% of employers said that continuing education has a positive impact on pay scale, with many citing a direct correlation. 

Create A Tech Pipeline Internally

Tech skills are applicable to many industries as technology continues to advance and more and more businesses find themselves with dedicated tech positions to fill even if they are not a dedicated tech employer. Providing opportunities for employees to skill-up creates a pipeline of employees who can fill vital roles without the hassle of outside recruitment. 

What is the best option for tech continuing education for employers?

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we offer corporate training opportunities for employers looking to enhance their employees’ skills in coding and/or cyber security. No matter the size of the team at your company, we can provide a highly customizable training program to suit your business needs. 

Eleven Fifty’s agile Learning Team can quickly create a customized training program that will give your employees the opportunity to gain valuable skills. These skills will benefit both your business, by enabling your employees to grow their skills, and your employees with their own personal development. 

Our team of industry professionals will train learners with the latest tech tools and industry best practices. For example, our world-class cyber range simulates 14 different attack scenarios for IT and cyber teams to practice and sharpen their skills. 

What is the best option for tech continuing education for employees?

For those who have work and family obligations, Eleven Fifty Academy’s part-time coding and cyber security courses are a flexible option for continuing education. This 26-week immersive program will allow employees to learn additional skills and continue working at the same time. Classes occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, as well as one or two Saturdays per month. Virtual office hours or face-to-face meetings with instructors are available at all times to provide support to learners. Online bootcamps are available as well to provide continuing education opportunities to meet your needs.

Employees can learn new skills around their schedule with Eleven Fifty’s tech bootcamps and garner all the benefits of tech continuing education. 

Try one of our free introductory online courses today to see how our tech bootcamps can help employees reach their goals!



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