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Learning to code is for everyone.

Learning to Code: Practice Leads to Fluency

In 2012, Mitch Resnick of MIT gave a talk about Scratch, a tool he helped create that teaches kids to code. But, the message Resnick delivers is so much bigger than the program or giving kids the skills they need for the future. It’s about the power of learning to code and how practice leads to fluency. Using the analogy of reading and writing, Resnick connects the basics of learning to code with much larger ideas.

Check out the video:

Key Takeaways From The Video:

Learning to Code Means Learning To Create New Technologies

We all understand how to use the technologies around us, or if we don’t, we understand how to figure the technologies out. But, what we don’t all know is how to create new technologies. Learning to code means developing the skills required to create new technologies. Similar to how learning to read allows you to learn even more, learning to code opens up doors for learning new and more complex technologies and programming languages.

Code Brings Together The Physical and Technical Worlds

It’s easy to think of code as some static math equation that never leaves the screen, but in recent years we’ve seen technology advances moving far beyond that idea. Now, programmers are bridging the gap that once separated the physical world from the technical world. By doing this, technology is not only more integrated into our daily lives, but it opens the doors for possibilities of what’s next. Ideas are boundless when you understand how to code, where to look for answers, and how to push through the challenges that might have once held you back.

Learning to Code Impacts Every Aspect of Your Life

In the video, Resnick mentions how when you learn to code, you’re learning in a meaningful way. By learning through hands-on experiences, you’re not just learning about one singular thing. You’re learning about multiple ideas and concepts all at once. More specifically, learning to code means you learn how to assess a large, complex challenge, break it down into manageable proportions, and find the best-fitting solution. Once this is under your belt, you can start applying it to multiple aspects of your life.

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