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Employees, structure, mission statement, finances, office space. Starting your own business is not an easy endeavor. As you step out on your own to pursue your passion and be your own boss, likely the last thing on your mind is likely learning something new. But learning something new might be exactly what your new pursuit needs to go from budding business to thriving enterprise. Now we’re not saying you will need to know all of the intricacies of a WordPress website, but it is crucial to understand some of the basics to know how your website and your business are performing.

Strong First Impression

Your web presence is a lot more than a pretty page for potential customers to find your phone number. You do want it to look nice, but you also need to pull people into your story and get them excited about your business. The more you know about adding content and making the site feel like your brand, the more you can solidify your presence without spending thousands on a website you don’t know how to use.


If you build it, they still might not come. As you learn the basics of WordPress, you’ll also learn a thing or two about search engine optimization. This is how Google, and other search engines, find your site and recommend it to people looking for you, the products or service you provide. Without an understanding of how to spread awareness, your business will struggle to gain attention. As we discussed, there are a lot of expenses that come with starting your own business. With some understanding of how website gains attention from searchers online, you position your business to earn more leads.


Say you’re a budding artist, ready to sell your pieces online. Instead of paying or splitting profits with a company listing and selling your work online, you can create your own free website where you aren’t competing with other artists or splitting profits with a third-party website. Through taking a few introductory WordPress courses, you can set up your own eCommerce website to sell your goods and pocket all of the money.

Mobile Friendly

Think about your own web use. Chances are you spend a significant amount of your time online from your mobile device. The latest data reports roughly 52% of all web pages visited come from mobile devices. Thankfully, WordPress makes it relatively easy to create a mobile-friendly website. With a working knowledge of WordPress, you can create a website that looks great and runs seamlessly on mobile and desktop.

Full Ownership

If the idea of building your own WordPress site from the ground up is too daunting, it’s still a good idea to have an understanding of how your site works. Instead of picking up the phone and calling the person or company who built your website. Spend a few days learning how to manage your own site to save yourself time and money when you want to update or add something to your site. Whatever your business or endeavor is, it’s yours. That’s why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. The more knowledge you have in managing your sales and online presence, the better off you’ll be. It never hurts to expand your skills, and you never know when the knowledge gained from a few basic WordPress courses will come in handy for your business.


Starting with a WordPress site gives you the freedom and flexibility to grow the site as you grow the business. Being so widely used, it also gives you flexibility for hiring team members with WordPress knowledge to help polish the look and functionality of the site without hiring a full technical team to blow up the website and start again.

You can always bring on a team to help you scale online marketing efforts, but as you start your own business you’re going to want to know how to own your online presence. An understanding of WordPress sets you on a good path for setting the foundation for your online image while you scale, make more money, and invest back in your company.



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