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Coding bootcamp doesn't involve a drill sergeant yelling code at you.

Have you ever wondered why people call coding schools and academies “coding bootcamps?” If you’re like most people, it may not paint a pretty picture. You might imagine someone dressed in army camo yelling code at you while you try to type at a computer, but really it has nothing to do with that. It’s all about the mentality, the speed, the intensity, and the final goal of the bootcamp. Military bootcamps are built around three phases designed to get military personnel ready for battle with specialized skills and knowledge. A coding bootcamp gets code warriors ready for their careers with specialized skills and knowledge. Eleven Fifty’s SmartStart immersive learning programs can be broken down in a similar style as a military bootcamp.

Phase 1: Breaking down the individual to give them the ability to understand.

Similarly to military bootcamp, this phase of coding bootcamp is demanding and will push you. At Eleven Fifty, it’s our job to get you to a place of value as quick as possible. It’s intense. There’s no fluff and it takes a serious amount of grit for each person. We aren’t just helping to develop coders. We’re helping develop code warriors who learn the skills of a life long learner. You won’t just graduate with coding hard skills. You’ll develop soft skills that make you employable and with the tools to continue to learn for years.

Phase 2: Learning to survive as a team in order to complete polished projects.

In Phase 1, we give you the ability to code. Laying the foundations is one of the most crucial steps in learning to code. In Phase 2, you learn just how important it is to work with your team. In military bootcamp, you learn that survival is based on your team. You may not understand the best way to work with your team, yet, but you’ll certainly understand that teamwork is important. In coding bootcamp, this is the phase where you really get your feet wet. You bounce ideas off of each other. Review each other’s code and make suggestions where you can. It’s about proving you can do the work.

Phase 3: Working with a team means accomplishing more than it thought possible.

The name of the game is effective efficiency. In military bootcamp, you not only learn that relying on a team is important for survival, you learn that working with a team leads to faster effectiveness. What might take one person 3 hours takes a team minutes. In coding bootcamp, Phase 3 is about accomplishing real work. You’ll code with fellow students. You’ll design and build out applications as a team. Working off of each other’s strengths prepares you for the workplace. It’s immersive to give you coding experience, but also to prepare you for being an entry-level coder.

Whether you are looking to launch, change, or enhance your career, Eleven Fifty’s coding courses are designed to teach the skills you need to be career ready. From skill up courses to our SmartStart program, coding bootcamp is all about learning the skills you need to become an efficient, effective, and actualized entry-level coder.

And you don’t need to be in Indiana. Eleven Fifty now offers remote-learning for students. So if you’re in Bloomington, Cleveland, Columbus, Ft. Wayne, Evansville, or anywhere else in the U.S., you are eligible!

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