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Coding schools need to focus on student outcomes and helping students develop the right skill sets.

Coding schools and coding bootcamps are a fantastic way for those looking to start a new career or enhance the skills they already have. Unfortunately, some of those coding schools don’t deliver the skills students need. While all of the programs seemingly offer the same things, coding schools actually offer very different value to their students, which is why some coding schools struggle to make an impact.

Some coding schools focus on building revenue streams, not training opportunities.

One of the biggest issues that many coding schools and coding bootcamps face is focusing on the bottom line. While it’s important for any coding school to keep the revenue streams flowing in order to keep the doors open, if that becomes the sole mission, then the school itself stops serving the students. By focusing too much on building revenue streams, it becomes easy to forget the school’ main purpose: to help students develop the skills they need to become coders.

Eleven Fifty Academy is the coding school for people, not profit. We’re a nonprofit, focused on helping students transform their interest and passion for tech into skills that can be used in the modern workforce.

Coding schools sometimes lack career services to help students after completing programs.

Another major issue that many coding schools face is a severe lack of career services. As a coding student, you could spend weeks learning how to code, but when the program was over you’d be on your own. While this may not seem like an issue with so many job openings for programmers and developers, it can still be difficult for someone who just recently learned to code to break into the industry.

The Career Readiness Team at Eleven Fifty helps students develop soft skills, like presentation and teamwork, that they need to be an in-demand employee. The Team also spends time cultivating and building relationships with local employers. We can help introduce students to employers looking to hire today’s top tech talent. We help students prepare for interviews by setting up mock interviews, going over resumes, and helping build professional online presences.

The coding curriculum could be outdated and there is nothing in place to keep it fresh.

A problem for any educational institution is keeping the curriculum relevant, fresh, and modern. When it comes to coding schools, though, it can be even more difficult because of the rapid rate of technology innovations. Part of a coding schools job is to keep up with those changes so students have the most relevant skills and experiences when they graduate. The problem is, though, that many coding schools latch on to what works for them and don’t adjust to meet the changes in employer demands and technology.

When it comes to curriculum, Eleven Fifty not only partners with employers to define our programs and courses, but we update the curriculum before every program begins. By doing this, we get a better sense of what the market demands and we’re able to help our students gain the skills they need to break out into the industry by knowing the latest technologies.

If you’re ready to develop the skills you need to become a junior developer and recode your future, our immersive, 12-week JavaScript program is now enrolling. With two early 2018 program options, it’s the perfect time to launch a new career in the new year. If you have questions, feel free to schedule time to talk to our Admissions Team!



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