Don't let the employee skills gap negatively impact your business.

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we frequently talk about the growing employee skills gap the nation faces. The skills gap affects every business throughout the country, whether they know it or not. These skills aren’t always focused directly on the technology, but rather technology understanding, which plays a major role in the skills gap.

Staff productivity is reduced when employees don’t understand the technology at their fingertips.

Today’s leading businesses across every industry sector need employees who understand the technology they have access to. Without that understanding, those employees lack the skills to be as productive and efficient as possible. The ramifications of this go beyond just a single employee falling behind in their daily tasks. If the majority of your employees fall into the growing employee skills gap, then your entire business’s operations are prone to fall behind. In a survey of IT and business executives, 52% said the skills gap hurts their staffs productivity.

Customer service is less effective when employees can’t use the technology they have access to.

In the same survey, 38% said that the growing employee skills gap lowers levels of customer service and engagement. While some of this gap might be associated with lack of social skills, it’s also a byproduct of not understanding the technology. Customer service is extremely important to businesses facing a more demanding and engaged customer base. Today’s customer service representatives and Help Desk employees have access to technology designed to make them more efficient when caring for customers. However, if they don’t understand how to use that technology effectively, the software is obsolete.

Innovation in product development suffers when employees lack the technology skills they need.

Today’s technology continuously improves and transforms. If it doesn’t, the technology becomes obsolete. In sectors like IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other emerging technologies, the technology development pace is fast-moving. If you’re company wishes to remain competitive in these sectors, employees can’t slip into the growing employee skills gap. Currently, 32% of IT and business executives feel that the technology skills gap causes insufficient speed to market with new products and services. If your employees can’t innovate, your company will fall into that crack and be left behind.

Business profitability is lowered by the employee technology skills gap.

The three issues above that all businesses are facing culminate in a serious blow to sales and profitability. In fact, executives feel the growing skills gap results in 33% lower sales and profitability. If you’re employees don’t have the technology skills to be productive, efficient communicators, who focus on innovating, then your technology-based business will suffer.

The question becomes: how do you close the growing technology skills gap?

Eleven Fifty’s mission is all about closing the technology skills gap. We partner with businesses and organizations to connect them with today’s emerging tech talent, but we also partner with them to improve their current employee’s skills. Through our immersive SmartStart programs, anyone with technical interests and passions can learn the skills to join the modern workforce. For those with technology skills, we offer SmartSkill courses designed to enhance their skills and improve on what they already know.

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